Yes – Movies breed crime:

  • In many movies, the lead character hurts and kills villains and then the movie ends. They do not get punished by law nor do they get judged by society for their crimes. In general, people get connected with lead characters and tend to imitate them. So, these kinds of movies are a bad influence and can breed crime.
  • In many Indian movies, the lead character sees a girl, loves her and then follows her obsessively till she accepts his proposal. Many such movies do not even show the pain the girl goes through in such situations. This is the reason stalking is very common in India and many girls are being killed for not accepting love proposals. This is proof that movies breed crime.
  • People can learn how to commit crimes by watching crimes in movies. Some movies are like guides for criminals.


  • Movies depict real lives. They are just showing what is already happening in society so that means films do not encourage crimes in general.
  • Some people are inherently bad. They won’t change for good if they were shown movies that encourage good deeds and helping nature. So, movies cannot change the innate characteristics of people.


Most of the movies depict real lives. So, they show what is already happening in society. But filmmakers do have the responsibility to send a good message to society and should take care that their movies do not breed crime. It is better to let the audience know the consequences of crimes even if it is done by the lead character in the movies. Everyone should be made aware that lawbreakers will surely get punishment in courts.

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  • Shivam, Jun 1, 2024 @ 7:18 pm Reply

    Web series

  • Aayushi Mahna, Mar 7, 2022 @ 9:03 am Reply

    In my opinion if we act like movies have no impact on young minds, we might be living under a rock. It is a proven fact that when television is introduced into a social setting, the ideas that were not present become prevalent after that. It was shown by an experiment wherein curvy and heavy was the beauty standard in Fiji later became a symbol of poverty after introduction of television. This showes that television and movies do cultivate negative thoughts in young minds. Acts of violence, sexual harrasment, stalking etc. are glorified in movies and hence inculcate a sense of false bravado in people. The hero of movie doesn’t bear consequences so young mind things it is justified rather it is right to commit crime.
    So I think movie makers should take accountability for the content the put out there for people to watch and should be more mindful of the consequences that can result from it.

  • Md Sahriar, Sep 12, 2021 @ 10:52 pm Reply


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