Yes – Technology is killing libraries:

  • Due to search engines, now there is no need to search for a reference book. There is so much content on the internet to refer to. So, that means there is no need to go to the library like earlier.
  • Due to smartphone addiction or busy lifestyles, many people do not have enough time to read books. So, they may not even think of going to libraries. That means the number of people going to libraries is decreasing with time.
  • Some people are preferring to read books on electronic reading devices due to their hectic lifestyles. They can carry a single device anywhere and can read any book they want without carrying all the books. So, this facility is decreasing the number of people going to libraries.
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No – Technology is not killing libraries:

  • With the internet, now there is more publicity for many books. So many websites on Internet are encouraging people to read books. People are sharing book reviews on the internet and lakhs of people are watching those reviews. So, it is evident that libraries won’t vanish in the near future.
  • Reading content as pdfs or on the internet doesn’t give us the same feeling as reading books. And hence many people prefer to read content in books instead of reading it online.
  • A few people choose to read books instead of reading content online to avoid distractions while reading on the internet.
  • In the present time, several libraries are providing desktops with WiFi. So, libraries are changing and will not disappear anytime soon.
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Due to electronic reading devices and internet, now there is no need to carry a physical book. So, many people who were going to libraries earlier are not going there now. But this will not result in the death of libraries, because still many people are interested in reading physical books and going to libraries.

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