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Celebrities are those people who have earned massive fame and liking among the public. Media attention is necessary for celebrities to market themselves, which is a very important in their career growth. But fame is like a double-edged sword, sometimes celebrities suffer by the over-enthusiastic media persons. So, there are debates on the treatment of celebrities by media.

Arguments against :-

Media attention is what a person who aspires to be a celebrity dreams of. And when someone has a fan following in thousands and millions, their fans obviously want to know how their regular life is. Do they go to work like us early in the morning or have the luxury to work at night and sleep at day? How do they manage time? How are they so fit even after such a hectic schedule? and so on. This gap nowadays is bridged by social media like Instagram, snapchat, facebook etc. and allows celebrities to show their fans what they want to show. But the media has it’s own job to do. It works day and night to tell people what the celebrities don’t want to show or are not bothered to make it public. The media has it’s sources, reporters, cameramen who continuously follow these stars to know what’s happening in their lives.

Arguments in favor :-

But anything in excess is bad. And media sometimes fails to understand this and their boundaries. In order to get the maximum TRPs, readership they forget the moral boundaries. There have been instances of stalking and hacking by media. The content obtained by high level stalking is then presented in such a way, that apart from being far from truth, maligns the image of the celebrity.

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Even during funerals too reporters are seen to be crossing their moral and ethical limits, asking inappropriate questions at an inappropriate time.

At many instances reporters can be seen getting to the nerves of the celebrities just to capture an impulsive reaction which could be beneficial for their business.

Conclusion :-

Celebrities love media attention, they love to pose for their fans, give interviews etc. and they do all sorts of things to keep the media and their fans happy. As Spiderman’s grandpa said to him that “With great power come great responsibility” , this quote is very apt for the media, as they have the power to make or break the public image of a celebrity they should work responsibly and should understand their boundaries very well.

Media persons should remember that celebrities deserve to keep their personal lives private, and they have their own life apart from their career.

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