In Favor :-

  • India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. There are many cultures, creeds in India. School uniforms are the best way to create a  feeling that ‘We are all one‘.
  • It instills the sense of belongingness to the school.
  • It defines the school’s identity.
  • Uniforms add professionalism to the school environment.
  • It eliminates the pressure to pick the best dress everyday. Without uniforms, many children may get self-esteem issues.
  • If the children are used to uniforms, they will no issues in the future if their profession demands uniform.
  • It reduces financial burden, because there is no need to buy many clothes.
  • Without uniforms, bullying will increase especially for those who can’t afford to buy many clothes.
  • Uniform helps to eliminate discrimination based on financial status, caste and religion.
  • It teaches discipline.
  • Uniforms discourages the creation and maintenance of student gangs in schools. It eliminates the possibility of following their own dress code by gangs.
  • Uniforms reduce distraction.
  • Encourages team spirit.

Against :-

  • School uniform indirectly encourages children to become what the society wants them to become. They get accustomed to societal norms and rigid beliefs.
  • School uniforms are a threat to cultures to some extent. Uniforms eliminates the possibility of wearing religious or cultural attires to schools.
  • It violates the freedom of expression. Children should know and express their individuality.
  • Not all children are comfortable in school uniforms. To be able to learn, first of all students should be comfortable in their clothes.
  • Wearing the same dress everyday is monotonous and boring.
  • Uniforms create a feeling that other school children are their rivals.
  • Students face bullying regardless of the clothes they wear.
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Conclusion :- Positive outcomes of school uniform outweigh the drawbacks. It’s good to wear uniforms and mingle with everyone in the learning years.

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