In this post, we will be posting as many ideas on Red that can be used as leads in a discussion. Depending on the consensus of the group, pick up one idea for a discussion or go on discussing the multiple aspects of red.

Red is a very vibrant colour that signifies passion, love, courage, and happiness on one end; danger, blood & violence on the other side, both strongly. So, it is a coin with two sides, broadly love and war.

  • Red as a political colour:
    • strongly associated with the idea of revolution. Communists consider themselves as revolutionaries & the communist parties across the world use red to strongly represent their shared agenda & their historic association with revolution. In fact, they use red so extensively that other ideologists use their respective colours.
    • It is also used to represent socialism. The oldest symbol of socialism, the Red flag dates back to the 18th century & the French Revolution- 1848.
    • The red flag symbolizes the blood of their people who lost lives in the revolution – (French revolution origins. other prominent revolutions across the world, losses, gains- reasons for their birth, how to prevent, international efforts..etc it can be picked up as a GD.)
  • Red-letter day:

    • A day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable. The word originated from the practice of marking the dates of church festivals on calendars in red – (This can turn out to be a fantastic GD if every participant speaks about what is the Red Letter day according to him/her & state why?)
    • Ex: I would like to state the red-letter day in the history of India, i.e. is 15th Aug 1947 – the moment when the world’s biggest democracy has breathed the airs of independence after 2 centuries of slavery. It is the remark of selfless efforts, dedication & perseverance of an entire nation. We can observe some of the best leadership styles in this independence movement, all different but directed towards the achievement of a common objective.
    • The red-letter day in the history of humankind/ in science/ medicine ..etc.
  • Red planet:

    • It’s another name for the planet Mercury, in Greek, Mars is the God of War, i.e. blood & red. The planet looks red because of the reddish iron oxide prevalent on its surface.
    • It is one of the prominent planets that captured human fascination for research of life on it & conditions suitable for human settlements.
    • India has achieved a great milestone in its space research through the launching of the Mangalyan/ Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM). India achieved this feat in its first attempt & is the first country to do so. It reflects the technological strength of India.
  •  Red for branding:

    • Red is used by some corporate companies, for example, Coca-Cola: Coke uses red to represent happiness, power, freedom & liveliness.
    • Red can stimulate appetite, which makes it an excellent choice for branding a food or drink This shows that colours are not meant for just visuals but they will impact subconsciously the psychology of a person & play an integral part in the success of the brand/ product.
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A few other thoughts that can also be used are:

  • Red Character – Morgan Freeman – Why it’s called so – the Irish origins. why are Irish associated with red?
  • October red revolution – Revolution origins & the significance
  • Red flowers & vegetables- Strawberries, tomatoes – What are the health benefits?
  • Red Sea – the economic & political importance of red colour & sea trade
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  • Prakhar Bilala, Oct 28, 2020 @ 10:54 am Reply

    Red colour shows that food is non vegetarian and Green colour shows that is food is vegetarian.
    In traffic signal red colour shows to stop and Green colour shows to go.
    In stock market graph when the graph is going downside it shows red color where the graph is going upward graph shows green colour…..

  • sukanya, Nov 4, 2018 @ 8:22 pm Reply

    very usefull for mba student.

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