What does it mean by ‘No two generations can see eye to eye’:

  • No two generations agree with each other because their beliefs & opinions differ.

Points to speak:

  • In general, every generation feels like their previous generation is outdated and do not understand the modern lifestyle. But when the next generation feels the same, they do not agree. Different generations have different beliefs and values and hence the conflicts arise. Choosing a career, priorities, religious beliefs etc. differ from generation to generation.
  • Due to globalization, there is a rapid social change. Now, people are exposed to different cultures, opinions and lifestyles. So, they are choosing what they like and believe in, which is causing more differences between generations.
  • But many people are now supportive of their next generation. They are trying to understand their children’s perspectives and are willing to put the effort into closing the gap. Not everyone is like that though.
  • Conflicts arise when people want their children to become their xerox copies. There is a need to value the differences and respect their children’s choices in life.


There have always been conflicts between generations. But in modern times, due to the exposure to different cultures and opinions, people are more likely to adopt different lifestyles and opinions and not similar to their parents. This is causing more conflicts. But with understanding from both sides, the generation gap can be diminished.

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