Specialization vs Generalization:

In Favor of Specialization:

  • In general, there is more demand for people who has a specialized skill set. So, one can easily search for a job because she/he is specialized in a skill.
  • High productivity.
  • Higher-income.
  • More scope for growth and improvement.

Drawbacks of Specialization:

  • Risky. If the demand for that particular specialization decreases, one has to start another career from the scratch.
  • Monotonous and boring.
  • Lacks basic skills in the related fields.
  • You may need to relocate, because not every place has opportunities for people with specialized skills set.
  • Limited career options.
  • Requires more years of study comparatively.
  • Requires more work of constant updating.

In Favor of Generalization:

  • More job options.
  • Can switch careers easily.
  • Organization leaders excel better if they are generalists because they need to have a basic understanding of all the jobs in their company.
  • More probability of learning continuously about related things.
  • More scope for growth and improvement.
  • Less risky because demand will always be there.

Drawbacks of Generalization:

  • Lower-income comparatively.
  • Requires more work of constant updating.
  • No clarity while searching for a job as there are too many options.


When someone gets some general symptoms that have the probability of different diseases, she/he can’t run to every specialist related to that. In this case, people generally visit a general surgeon to know which specialist they should meet. Likewise, demand and requirement will always be there for both generalists and specialists. However, demand varies from one field to another.

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