Specialization vs Generalization:

In Favor of Specialization:

  • In general, there is more demand for people who has a specialized skill set. So, one can easily search for a job because she/he is specialized in a skill.
  • High productivity.
  • Higher-income.
  • More scope for growth and improvement.

Drawbacks of Specialization:

  • Risky. If the demand for that particular specialization decreases, one has to start another career from the scratch.
  • Monotonous and boring.
  • Lacks basic skills in the related fields.
  • You may need to relocate, because not every place has opportunities for people with specialized skills set.
  • Limited career options.
  • Requires more years of study comparatively.
  • Requires more work of constant updating.

In Favor of Generalization:

  • More job options.
  • Can switch careers easily.
  • Organization leaders excel better if they are generalists because they need to have a basic understanding of all the jobs in their company.
  • More probability of learning continuously about related things.
  • More scope for growth and improvement.
  • Less risky because demand will always be there.

Drawbacks of Generalization:

  • Lower-income comparatively.
  • Requires more work of constant updating.
  • No clarity while searching for a job as there are too many options.


When someone gets some general symptoms that have the probability of different diseases, she/he can’t run to every specialist related to that. In this case, people generally visit a general surgeon to know which specialist they should meet. Likewise, demand and requirement will always be there for both generalists and specialists. However, demand varies from one field to another.

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  • Darshika, Sep 11, 2018 @ 4:32 pm Reply

    Specialisation means the process of concentrating on & becoming expert in a particular subject or skill.It provides a clear direction towards which one has to make all his efforts hence it is focused.It is always way better & easier to search for jobs while one is specialised in a particular field.People nowadays prefer to visit specialists for any type of consultation be it medical, technical, financial or commercial therefore the urge of being a specialist increases thus offering them with higher remuneration as compared to the generalists.

  • Ankush Garha, Sep 10, 2018 @ 11:25 am Reply

    The one who is specialized its mean he is expert in his particular skills or field. Specialized person have a deep knowledge and also full with its skills so it has a good quality ,quantity of product or service and it is always better to do task .And while seeing this quality and skills , company hire it fast and pay more .and thus competition of specialized person is less. But minus point of specialized person is that it doesn’t have knowledge except his field and also have a limited career option. and if the demand for that specialized person skills is decrease it may be risk for his job.

    But in case of generalization person it is totally opposite to the specialized person.
    The one who is generalized he always extracts common features of multiple things and make new thing. Generalized person have basic understandings of all the things and it have learning skills continuously related to different different things. Job option for generalized person is more because there are too many option and also have a scope for their growth.and job is less risky because demand will always be there. But competition is more for generalized person and income is less.
    And talk about both Specialized and Generalized, demand and requirement will always be there for both. However demand varies from one field to another.

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