What is Internet of Things (IoT):-

  • Internet of Things is a network of interconnected digital devices, machines, vehicles etc. These devices exchange data.
  • IoT is being adopted by almost all the sectors. One of the best examples of Internet of Things is smart home. Without human intervention, things in smart home can exchange data and make things easier for resident like opening the doors automatically etc.

Positive impact:-

  • Who would have thought of a world where people can communicate with things around us? Today, we can have things like chairs, beds, cars and music system connected directly to the internet.This can be done simply by using sensor connected devices to our physical environment.
  • This will soon be high on demand because of its irresistible features such as ultra-low-cost with absolutely zero maintenance cost. Apart from this, it is different from the other emerging technologies having Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, we need not have the required computer science skills.We don’t have to be an expert to use it.
  • Talking in terms of healthcare, IOT has now reached all verticals one can imagine by developing wearable sensor gadget for monitoring fitness, diet, medication management etc.It has made the lives of physically disabled and senior citizens simpler since they have to live independently.
  • IoT can be widely used for monitoring the vibrations in the building, monuments, bridges, and dams during the natural calamity such as earthquakes or tsunamis. This could be huge help to control any natural disaster beforehand
  • With one tab on the IoT device, we can open our house gates, control the intensity of the light and set them dim, unlock our cars, slide the curtains and the list is endless. This makes up upgrade our standards of living.This could be useful for protecting our houses and lockers from thievery.
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Negative impact:-

  • As we invite the new world having the next era of connectivity, we are talking about the massive loss of jobs over the next 10 years. With all our tasks automated, we are losing the importance of humans intelligence and labor.
  • Security is the major concern when we talk about IoT. An enormous amount of data now needs to be encrypted and protected from the hackers. Also, a time will come when the privacy of people will be highly challenged.
  • In the present world scenario, we require Arduino IoT kit for running any of the sensor based application which is quite expensive in the market. This means the concept of IoT doesn’t support compatibility in terms of USB connectivity.
  • IoT is encouraging the over-reliance of technology, our present generation has grown up with the presence of a worldwide network of the internet where everything is so easily attainable overly dependent on internet and for every decision we now trust the technology more than our cognitive thinking.


In this weird world where humans have found a way of measuring the stress level much before their brains tell them, counting the number of people in the room, turning on to a particular channel on TV, knowing the areas where the plant needs the water accurately can now be done using the Internet of Things. This has been widely spreading leaving its imprints on millions of people. A new era has now entered our lives where a man is a slave of technology which is ironically developed the for making human’s work simpler.

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