• Influencers are those who can influence the decisions of common people. Until recently, only celebrities such as film actors, singers, sportspersons are considered influencers. But now anyone can become an influencer through social media by creating content that users find helpful. Using Instagram or YouTube or any other social media platforms, influencers are promoting products and have the scope of affecting the purchase behaviour of their followers.

Are influencers really influencing:

  • Social media influencers have an advantage over traditional advertisements because people are more likely to buy things if they are reviewed by a real person than when they see the product in an advertisement. Many social media influencers are able to make it a full-time job because they can get paid through brand collaborations. More and more companies are now using influencer marketing to promote their products. So, that means influencers are able to influence the decisions of common people.
  • But people are now more aware of the brand collaborations and the fact that influencers get paid for promoting the products. So, many people do not buy products depending solely on the reviews by social media influencers. But influencers do give exposure to the products.
  • Even now, some people are not aware of the brand collaborations or the concept of sponsored content. So, they are more likely to be influenced by social media influencers.
  • These days, people are vexed by repetitive influencer content. Many influencers have similar ways of promoting products and moreover, many promote the same products due to the aggressive influencer marketing campaigns by a few companies. This may make a negative impression on the products promoted by the influencers who have lost the trust of their followers.
  • People will more likely trust the influencers who genuinely refer products that they really used and do not promote so many products. Moreover, the subject expertise of the influencers also plays a role.
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So, yes. Influencers can influence their followers. But not all influencers can. Now, people are unfollowing those who promote too many products and are not genuine in their reviews. Social media influencers who are relatable and who can blend the brand campaigns into the rest of the content without making them look like advertisements can gain the trust of the people and hence can influence the purchasing behaviour of their followers.

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  • Nainshi, Sep 20, 2022 @ 1:21 pm Reply

    Yes…influencer can influence their followers but not all influencer. Because some influencer promote too many products that’s why those influencers have lost their trust. Now a days most of the consumer know the fact behind this like they knows that influencer have collaborated with brands so only for money they influence people.

  • Aayushi Mahna, Feb 9, 2022 @ 9:50 pm Reply

    Having a large social outreach puts the influencer in a position of social, moral as well as ethical responsibility.
    Today the reach of social media and OTT platforms is increasing as we speak. Brands which are on a constant hunt for new marketing techniques have realised the potential of investing in social media marketing.
    Brand collaboration brings a lot of money on the table for an influencer, so sometimes people do advertise ingenuine products. This poses a question on their credibility. Now subscribers are also becoming aware of sponsored content and can differentiate between genuine review or aggressive marketing. Influencers who integrate brands in their content in such a way that it doesn’t seem as an over the top advertisement may have an impact on the buying behaviour but I think now the consumer is smart enough to distinguish. So even though social media maketing is somewhat effective now-a-days the day is not far when it would also reach a point of saturation just like the television advertisements have reached. They would still introduce us to new products but may not have as drastic an impact on consumer buying behaviour

  • Anil Chaudhary, Feb 8, 2022 @ 10:28 pm Reply


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