• Agricultural subsidies are the financial assistance to farmers through government-sponsored price-support programs.
  • Agricultural subsidies are started to reduce the volatility of prices for farm products and to increase, or at least stabilize, farm income.

In Favor:-

  • It’s becoming a burden for government.
  • Agricultural subsidies distort free trade, damage the local environment.
  • A lot of agricultural subsidies go into corn-based bio-fuels instead of fruits and vegetables. Corn-based bio-fuels are not good for environment and health.
  • Subsidizing diesel for agriculture encourages excessive tillage and discourages to improve soil and moisture conservation.

In Against:-

  • 60% of Indian economy is from agricultural based industries. So, we should give more importance to agriculture.
  • It will be difficult for farmers to keep the total investment for crop. As a result farmers may change their career. It’ll be a biggest disadvantage for India.
  • Because of agricultural subsidies, the price of food products will be in control.
  • United States and Europe countries have subsidies for agriculture. So, if India stops agricultural subsidies, then there will be a risk of importing under-priced food from these countries.
  • Through agricultural subsidies, more numbers of fields will be utilized. So, the Indian economy increases.
  • There are so many cases of suicide of farmers which we are seeing regularly because of lack of support from government.

                  Agricultural subsidies should not be stopped, because many farmers can’t handle the burden of total investment. It’ll be nice if government provide these subsidies to the farmers, who deserve it, not to the rich.

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