What are cobots?:

  • Collaborative robots (Cobots) work with humans in a shared space. They are designed to either assist or guide humans.

Points to speak on ‘cobots’:

  • Traditional robots perform programmed tasks in an isolated environment to prevent harm to humans. Cobots are a safe alternative to robots. They do not move on their own and they work at low speeds than traditional industrial robots to prevent injury to humans.
  • Cobots are cheaper and more flexible than industrial robots. Humans can move it to other places easily, which is not possible with traditional industrial robots as they are too big and require machinery to move. Due to these advantages, more and small businesses are buying cobots making these the fastest-growing segment of industrial robots.
  • At present, cobots are used for many tasks in industries such as assembling, quality inspection, pick and place, packaging etc.
  • Cobots are intelligent. They are capable of learning multiple things. This makes them efficient assistants to humans.
  • Cobots may not take away jobs because they work alongside humans to improve their productivity. Moreover, they take jobs that nobody wants to do and hence fill the labour shortage for roles that are dangerous, difficult, boring etc. Hence they have the potential to improve the economy.


Collaborative robots or cobots work alongside humans instead of replacing them. Human-robot collaboration can improve productivity because humans can utilize the cobots with super strength and accuracy as their assistants.

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