Indian villages – Our Strength or Weakness?


Indian Villages – Strength of India :-

  • Mahatma Gandhi once said – “The future of India lies in its villages”. According to Gandhiji, villages are self-sufficient units. He believed that peace and non-violence exists in India.
  • Villages are the backbone of India because most of the food crops are in villages. So literally, villages are feeding everyone.
  • Ecological balance is maintaining by villages, because of the environment of villages. More trees, eco-friendly habits helps to keep villages pollution-free. Though the times are changing and pollution levels are increasing in villages, there is a huge difference between pollution levels of villages and cities.
  • India’s economy depends a lot upon agriculture sector. Agriculture, along with fisheries and forestry, accounts for one-third of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Hence villages are the strength of Indian economy.
  • India is well known for it’s traditional & cultural values, which can be seen more in villages. Festivals and traditional ceremonies are celebrated in villages, which are being forgotten by those who moved to cities.
  • In villages, people have peaceful life compared to people of cities. Stress levels in the people of cities are higher comparatively. In this way also, villages can be our strength if we look back and learn from their lifestyle.
  • Village people have more unity, helping nature, hardworking nature.
  • Healthy food and lifestyle of villages is being replicated in cities these days, thus making India more healthier.
  • Once, India was called as “Golden Bird” due to villages.
  • People of other countries have positive on India and treat India as a spiritual destination. They are imbibing our practices and culture that is mainly in Indian villages, to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Indian Villages – Weakness of India :-

  • Illiteracy rate is high in villages..
  • Poverty lies more in villages.
  • Unemployment lies more in villages.
  • Lack of water facility, transport facility, educational institutes.
  • Increase in population because of high illiteracy rate in villages.
  • Infant mortality rate is high because of illiteracy.


Villages are definitely our strength. But because of less support for agriculture, village people are migrating to cities. Government should provide loans and insurance for agriculture. Govt. should provide them chance to sell their products directly to customers. And Govt. should concern about education and basic needs of village people.

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  1. In my opinion there are so many merits of how to get success in life
    1.think positive:- it means we are traveling in the one path we can never change the path because we can get success opportunities in the same road we are traveling in the first path.

  2. According to me ,india is a country where the major population is engaged in agriculture.70%of indias population lives in villages and more than 60%are engaged in agriculture.we can say that the people of cities are depended on villages where the people of villages are not at all depended on cities.for example,if a person in a village doesn’t get toothpaste than he can do his work with neem twogs whereas if a person in city doesn’t get food grains than the person cannot do his work.once the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi said”future of india lies in villages”.i totally agree with him if one person in a village is educated and knows what is right than he can help hundreds of others find the right path. Educating the village’s is the most important thing.traditional cultures have originated from villages only. In villages people are united and they live a peaceful life. I believe that a village free from politics and social wises will definately be a strength to the country.villages contribute a lot in the economy of a country. India is known for it’s diverse culture which is originated from the last i would conclude that indian villages are the strength of the country. And i can also say that strenthning villages is adding years to a country

  3. Hi frndz,
    According to me village is the strength of our country
    but in several villages the `Katta panchayat’ system hides several vices which are against women from public view. But a village which is free from social vices will definitely be the strength to our country.

    1. Yes you’re right but our villages are illetrart population so their way of thinking is still of olden times and that pases on to new generation

  4. every country starts with group of people called tribes. tribes become more developed and convert their place into villages. group of villages form a mandal. group of mandals form a district, group of districts form a state. some people move to cities. group of states form a country so if we see villages are the backbone and strength of our country

  5. Agriculture has share of 14% in India’s economy whereas percentage of people working in the agriculture is near by 50%. Its like for a task of 5 people there are 15-20 people working. This reduces overall productivity, per capita income in villages & hence increasing unemployment. Extra population has to be deviated to some other field(manufacturing) to maintain the balance.

    Thus, I would say, agriculture was strength but now situation has changed. We need to find out ways to tackle increasing problem of unemployment, we can do so by involving this population in manufacturing sector. Make in india is working on the same theme.

  6. India has best natural resource in the terms of village but all extension facilities for latest tech. Is only on the paper so we must improve it other wise we lose our wealth…….

  7. Good topic Which has to be Discussed…I Expect Some more important points…Well concluded…

  8. this is a nice topic that has been discussed… major developers are from villages only..GOVT should provide them all facilities.. we need to develop our villages to make our India to be a developed county

  9. this is a nice topic that has been discussed… major developers are from villages only..GOVT should provide them all facilities.. we need to develop our villages to make our India to be a developed county

  10. this is a nice topic that has been discussed… major developers are from villages only..GOVT should provide them all facilities.. we need to develop our villages to make our India to be a developed county

  11. india made up of the villages, india known in the world by its traditions, cultures and folkes that arises from the villages. all the foods,grains,vegetables and fruits come from villages, that helps in economical development of india.""GHANSHYAM PRASAD SAHU""

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