Are women better managers than men?

women better than men


  • Women are more patient and composed while making decisions. It’s because of the way women are raised.
  • Be at homes or offices, women manages their work flawlessly. Hence they are good at multitasking.
  • Women are more flexible and can adapt themselves in any situation or adversity. It’s because they are taught from the childhood to adjust to the situations.
  • They are good time managers. As most of the women today manage work and home, they can prioritize their time well.
  • Women are better listeners and give importance to minute details too at work.
  • They’ve coherent minds, are punctual and are dedicated towards their work. These inbuilt qualities do make them better managers than men.


  • Most of the women are emotional and is soft-hearted. That’ll not be suitable at all times.
  • Women take calculated risks. At times business persons need to choose risky paths.
  • Women tend to take things personally, which can result in biased decisions.


If we treat everyone equally without any gender discrimination, women can show their talent in every filed. The best example is in India only, when a woman was given the responsibilities of defence minister this year. Times are changing and now it is not about gender anymore. If you have talent, you can do anything. The differences between women and men managers exist because of the society’s way of raising men and women. Women were encouraged to be empathetic, kind etc. Men were taught to be harsh and demanding. Now the situations are changing. Both boy and girl children are being raised equally. Hence with time, the differences between men and women will not exist.

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Afterwords :-  What is your opinion on this topic? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. That is the best way to look at it. Managing requires skills that can be developed by both the genders. What makes men different from women or vice versa inherently is not at all relevant in this topic.

  2. The point that women make better managers than men is purely based on the past occurrences when women used to multitask and plan better as housewives. There is no inherent blessing that God has given women better managing skills. It has come to them with time and situational constraints. If men had put in the same kind of effort of multitasking and planning then, this GD topic would have been, “Why are men and women equally good at managing? Discuss.” Both the genders will do their best. But ultimately it comes down to the personal competency and only the one with better skills (irrespective of how they were bought up) will flourish.

  3. The conclusion is 101% right. In fact today also in many villages and small towns, people don’t educate girl child because she has to settle her life somewhere else and her education will not prove helpful for them. That’s very bad so if we educate females, we are giving them financial support. After all, how you get is how you do.

  4. Acording to me we have seen womens are more better managers than men. From their childhood they they take care there house . growing time they are giving advice to their parents how their families will good going after marriage they are taking whole responsibility their in law’s house . they got power by born . Everywhere we see their management like as flights Navy sky womens are taking their seat top position . We know also men’s good creating is behind the seen a womens power . So no doubt about the womens are better manager than men .

  5. Both genders have masculine and feminine traits that can be utilized in the workplace if the person is quick to adapt and read people and situations. Diffusing friction within the team, motivating others, patient listening, leading by example etc. are not the monopoly of one gender.
    It depends on the context and situation across workplaces and across different times during a career
    To potray one gender as more competent than the other is a narrow view. It subverts the fact that primary drivers of professional competence have little to do with gender. They are more related to work ethic, professional skills, experience, dedication, motivation etc. Colleagues respect you more not for your gender but your delivery. Within either gender you can have good managers or poor managers and they display similar traits regardless of whether they are male or female

  6. Acc to me both men and women are equal. I don’t think there is any difference either women is manager or man is manager. They both are doing their duty.
    This question is raised because of society.

  7. According to me, we cannot discriminate or judge who is a better manager. As we all know managerial qualities are not determined by gender but rather their skills,expertise and the way they manage a particular situation.There are particular situations where women would lead to a better manager.For instance, while managing finance women would be a better manager rather than men.Where as when taking a decision a male manager would be more approachable as he has the quality of leading to the house. So on a concluding note both of them are ideal managers and cannot compared and it differs from situation to situation to determine who will be a better manager.

    1. I believe that gender has no role in deciding who can be better as a manager. It is a job that requires specific skills like considerate, polite, better at communicating, good listener, patient, organizing abilities and many more. Anyone who possess these qualities can become a good manager. Also women empowerment was brought to bring the equality between men and women and not showing or proving that women are better than in any sense. We all are humans and we should always treat another one with all the respect, be it a women, men, any minority or any section of the society. It’s the time to change the world by opening our minds and changing the beliefs that disrupt the confidence of others.

  8. I think it’s not good to differentiate about who is better manager. Because Management is not based on gender rather it is based on the skills that a person acquires . If women acquire good managing skills then she can definately be a good manager and is the same for the men. However when asked to compare I would go with the women in case of household management and men in case of professional management. But I do not mean that women are not good at professional management.I just think that they are good managers and need to learn some more professional skills inorder to become better managers.

  9. According to me women they are better manager than man actually women they are born manager , they can manage all the work very nicely . They are very sincere ,good listener and patience I e they can manage very well. In the personal life and professional life they can manage very well if any family is there no female candidate then family gets ruin I e nowadays authorities are very happy to recruit woman candidate. Sometimes some work they are not able to manage inspite of that they try their best and get success.

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