Ban on Chinese Apps in India

ban on chinese apps in India


  • On 2nd September 2020, the government of India banned 118 Chinese apps including PUBG under section 69a of IT Act, 2020 citing threat to national security & the privacy of Indian citizens.
  • Earlier, on 29th June 2020, India banned 59 Chinese Apps including the famous TikTok app for the same reason. The government issued an explanation that these apps are illegally exporting data to locations outside India. It didn’t mention the relation of apps with China, but these apps are mostly of Chinese origin or have a major part of investments from Chinese companies. The government gave a chance to these apps to represent their side and submit clarifications.

Impact of the ban:

  • As per the Indian government report, these apps are transferring the user data to the locations outside India in an unauthorized manner. This is a serious threat to the privacy of Indian citizens. So, this ban is a step towards protecting the privacy and security of Indian citizens’ data. Other apps will also strictly follow the rules fearing the ban.
  • This step will also reduce India’s digital dependency. And Indian startups and the established companies will be greatly benefitted in gaining user base.
  • Other countries may also take similar steps to protect the privacy of their citizens.
  • This step will counter China’s efforts to become a tech giant. The banned apps have a large user base in India.
  • The ban will add fuel to the Boycott China campaign, which is intensifying due to the coronavirus pandemic and also because of China’s aggression at borders.
  • This move may bring more investment to the data centres in India.
  • Many Indians were demanding a ban on Tik Tok too from a long time due to its weak content moderation and the presence of vulgar content on the platform. As Tik Tok is watched by children and adolescents too, many were demanding a ban. Even though the app was banned for a short time a year ago, the ban was lifted later. So, the recent ban of Tik Tok app made many people happy.
  • Some Indians are earning income from these apps and some others are employed in their offices. This ban will impact them negatively.
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This ban will act as a caution for all the tech companies to follow the rules and to store the data locally. And this is also a great opportunity for the Indian companies to launch and upgrade their apps as alternatives to the banned apps.


Image by Kon Karampelas from Pixabay

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  1. According to me ban on Chinese Apps is very good, I am very happy. I am thinking why India govt did not ban before. However now banned chinese Apps, many people they are very addicted with this Apps they waste their time including PUBG . Students they don’t want to study because of addiction of PUBG game . In India 33 million PUBG subscribers. Yesterday I was reading newspaper people including students play PUBG two hours, three hours ,at least students will take care of their study.Beside this Indian tech company will get chance in the indian market it will help our indian economy. When in this pandemic many peoples are getting jobless. India as well as all over world other countries should ban with china any relationship. We everybody aware because of China all over world people have been suffering in this pandemic . Specially india should totally banned with China we know Ladak its very good decision.

  2. I think that’s a epitome of what can be called as a ” pure ” Democratic Movement when irked Indians started besieging the china for the invaluable and monumental loss that was the martyrdom of 20 Indian swashbucklers. And, our information is of paramount importance. We can never compromise with it whatsoever. That’s giving a great opportunity to our Indian entrepreneurship. Even if these companies got unbanned then our Indian counterparts would enjoy a big brand loyalty causing them a permanent and unexpected loss. These companies (i mean so-called ” Tech Gaint “)tend to steal our information surreptitiously and implement them (if looks worthwhile and lavish from business viewpoint) in their country like: Alibaba and twitter and Facebook like apps etc. Above all, The decision is praiseworthy and it’s indicating we are independent. Thank You for heeding to my article.

  3. What I could summarize from the above is
    A. Will counter China efforts from becoming a tech gaint
    B. Add fuel to boycott China products for their role in Covid and Galwan valley acts
    C. Motivate talented Indians to contribute towards atmanirbar bharat.
    D. May bring more investment to India.
    E. Will bring negative impact to Indians working for Chinese companies.

    1. Banning chinese app do not claim the above mentioned reason for sure..
      Firstly u cant raise ur local voice by eliminating other’s voice…u need to be more powerful in terms of ur inner strength and not suppresiing others by means of laws.a competitive enviroment is much necessary for ur growth .
      Secondly India has not mentioned anywhere that we are banning it bcz it belongs to china..since china is being aggressive at his front foot wr also need to show him by claiming the ban of CHINESE app and not just by a covered face.
      Thirdly tiktok being a social media platform will obviously have a mixed content -good as well as bad as it is on other social media like fb whatspp u tube or web entertainment.I dont understand why all are just against the tiktok version of social media though it contribute a lot towards spreading awareness and enhancement of skill of youth as well as house wife as well as people belonging to rural media.

      1. With all due respect, let me highlight some points for you.

        .When India opened its economy in 1991 after receiving a bailout package from IMF, there was a clause in the bailout package that said India can’t restrict foreign companies based on political ground. That is the real reason why India couldn’t ban Chinese app stating the Galwan incident. Moreover we all know about China’s ambitious AI database which plans to collect data of all the citizens of the world and as Bill Gates stated data is the new oil why should someone else that too a country like China should have our user data. So this ban which should have come a lot earlier serves both the purpose of protecting our user data and also to send a message to China that any aggression at the borders will be met with banning their soft power that is businesses in India.
        . Tiktok has zero moderation, many times people uploaded porn videos and they were not brought down even after reporting the content by millions of users only when the police complaint was registered the content was brought down which you won’t find on FB or WhatsApp or Instagram, so there is no point in comparing.

        1. According to me, banned Chinese app is great step by Indian government.Becouse these apps share not only data of Indians but also location of Indians outside of India. many people have using a lot of some apps like tiktok,pubgand others. By these apps people have not mind on their work. They waste excess time to use it.

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