What is a Live-in relationship :-

  • Two adult people living together in the same house in a relationship that resembles marriage but are not legally married is said to be a Live-in relationship.

Causes of increasing number of Live-in relationships in India :-

  • Till recently, marriage is a social compulsion. People can choose their life partner, but have to marry to stay together to get social acceptance for their relationship. People consider marriage as a sacred union. That is the reason present generation do not want to be risk it. They want to enter into marriage only if they are sure that the relationship is going to work. They want to completely understand about the person they are getting married to.
  • Freedom and personal choices have much wider acceptance these days.
  • The impact of globalization is also another cause.
  • In 2015, Supreme court said that live-in relationships are a consequence of changing times and not a criminal offence. And hence, they are not illegal in India. This gave a sense of relief to those who chose to enter into live-in relationships.

Live-in relationships – Good or Bad / Right or Wrong :-

  • What is good and what is bad differs from person to person. For some people, Live-in Relationships is wrong. For another set of people, arranged marriage is wrong. For some others, the concept of marriage is itself seems wrong. :D So, we can’t really say what is good and what is bad in the issues of relationships and individual choices.
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Pros of Live-in Relationships :-

  • One can understand partner’s true nature. Living under the same roof is very much different than meeting them regularly.
  • Couples can analyse whether their relationship is compatible or not. For example, if both are short-tempered, the relationship may not survive in the long-run.
  • Breaking up after getting married is much harder compared to breaking up before getting married.
  • In India, people do not really have right to reject their partner. If one wants a divorce from his/her partner, and if the other one do not agree, it’s very hard to get divorce in court. Cruelty has to be proved in order to come out of the relationship. Sometimes, it’s not about the cruelty, people may drift apart. Live-in relationships have this advantage of walking away from the relationship if it is not a healthy relationship.
  • Some couples stay married due to societal pressure and family obligations. By opting live-in before getting married, this situation can be prevented.
  • There will be gender equality in live-ins as two people choose to live together and put effort to do so.

Cons of Live-in Relationships :-

  • One can easily walk away from the relationship is also a disadvantage. As breaking up in marriage is not easy, people will have enough time to realize their mistakes and to sort out the differences.
  • Though acceptance to live-ins is growing, it is still a taboo in many areas of India and may even face moral policing.
  • Some people will feel insecure with time, especially girls because of the uncertainty of the future of their relationship.
  • Children born out live-in relationships may have to face social stigma.
  • Though breaking up is not that harder as in the marriage, it is still harder for many. They will get used to each other. There will be more memories. For many, breakup is not expected and may lead to depression.
  • Supreme court stated that live-in relationship also come under the purview of Domestic violence law and maintenance laws. For those, who want a no string attached kind of relationship, this is a big drawback.
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Conclusion :-

Live-in relationships in India are increasing and are gaining acceptance. Now, people are increasingly respecting individual choices in cases of relationships. Every kind of relationship have certain advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the type of relationship is just a matter of personal preferences.

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  • Shvani shrivastava, Jul 3, 2020 @ 9:35 pm Reply

    It is not acceptable by our society to live ,live -in-relationship ,we know tha in JAN 2008 the supreme court or INDIA announce they have no problem in living relationship ,and they called by a married couple .they have a right to live-in-relationship .accourding to CRPC season 125 ,the rule for wife is changeable to demand. Many more state in INDIA are accepted but those state are no accepted and they look with they in negativly eye .such states are kolkata,Gujrat,Tamil Nadu,and many more state are accepted this law.

    In this relationship they have many marit and demarit to face both of them :-
    Accourding to 2008 act law ,the couple have right to live-in-relationship because they have toh right to choose perfect couple for her/him .In relationship they live like a contract sach as friend relationship and relationship .They have most benifit for both couple how to treat their partner and think about how can it long last relationship ,and the comfortable in this relationship or not .
    In this relationahip girls have many problem faceing in this cases,because our society nature are very bad about girls ,our society easily accepted boys who came form this setuation but not acceptable girls,and sometime people abusing her and their family ,after this setuation our family is also not accepted then it is also called society.Even this setuation the girls gone depress and the commited sucide ,in indian 16.4 per 100000for girls were sucide as well as 25.8 for mens geting sucide ,(the women is the 6th ranking in the world and the mens is the 22th ranking inthe world .)

    I have a question ,why our society to encourage the men not women? Why they have not empowered ? Why not accepted girls even after??

  • tarun, Aug 8, 2018 @ 1:16 pm Reply

    In the era of globalization we have learnt a lot from western world. According to some people this is the concept that destroying our actual values and culture. In India it is not allowed but i personally accept this concept. Its not that means anyone is not taking responsibilities, it may be also possible that this man want to enjoy its life in own way. They not want to take burden of their child. In India parents have decided what they do and when will they get married. Its not correct youth have to decide what they actually want to do. In our society many people not want to marry and people raise finger on them . It is not right. Its their life and they want to enjoy in their way. Its okay. As the time passes its also be a trend in India also. If someone ran away their relationship in this case its hypothetical situation because in this relationship its not the acceptance of only one but is approval of both of them and there is also a faith in this relationship and after that when they got surely ensure about their relationship they can enjoy married life not as a unrecognisable persons but as a friend and clear understanding between them.

  • Tinku paul, Aug 3, 2018 @ 7:10 am Reply

    According to me live in relationship is increasing because we are in the era of globalization but everything is a good side and bad side. Live in relationship is good any partner can leave any time when they don’t like each other but marriage is a social stigma and family obligations , couple can’t leave very easily even they go for divorce they have give the consent the each other.Live in relationship couple stay together but if any child born they have to face the social problem.Married couple one of them in trouble like health problems or job loss other one don’t leave because they have bondage . When they get old they take each other Responsibilities but live in relationship people can away as per their desire they have no responsibility.still in our society live in relationship doesn’t accept.

  • gauri, Jul 30, 2018 @ 12:30 am Reply

    may be not easily acceptable by indian society, but in real its actually relieving the stress of divorce and post mental trauma. live in is a mutual consent where you do have responsibilty of your partner for all day to day to activity but end of relation could leave you aloof and you are ready for it too . it gives a space from escaping to the notion what people will say if iam a divorcee and makes person responsible enough to take the charge of his/her own life.

  • ANJUM PERVEZ, Jul 29, 2018 @ 2:55 pm Reply

    Live-in is a business of persons who escape from the responsibilities. No relationship can survive in the absence of responsibility from either party.

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