Space research is a waste of money :-

  • Space exploration is a waste of money as the achievement is extraordinarily little in comparison to the money and time spent.
  • From disappearance of Rainforests, Pollution of the Oceans, increased in desertification, increasing Global Warming, climate change, famine, droughts, shortage of food and clean water, we are facing many major issues here apart from economic problems and not enough money is being spent to counter these problems.
  • Investment in technology and in humanity should be balanced to avoid stagnation of development.
  • Space exploration gives us no direct benefits and is dangerous as it is prone to environmental accidents.

Space research is not a waste of money :-

  • Space exploration is important for the nation economy, homeland security and technological superiority.
  • Space programs are the source of big revenues, they generates revenue as they charge for every satellite they launch in the space.
  • Through space reseach, India is able to check the climate (temperature, humidity, het streams) thus helping the agricultural community and people living in the coastal areas by forecasting weather.
  • India’s ISRO is competing with other big agencies like NASA, European Research Centre and so getting major projects which is a direct benefit to nation.
  • Budget on Space Exploration program is only 1/10th of the total GDP of India.
  • Scientific knowledge has value beyond the measurement of cost. Understanding of how universe came into being and ultimately how we came into being cannot be measured in terms of cost.
  • Many discoveries have been made as a result of space exploration programs. ISRO telemedicine and tele-education is helping rural areas.
  • Space research has given us many technologies that are essential in our daily life. From GPS to internet, to television and communication only made possible through satellite.
  • With the help of our satellites we get better at our defence and by strengthening defence, we can avoid war which saves money and human resources to a large extent.
  • Space exploration has long term effect. Investing in these projects is necessary as one major discovery can change the face of humanity.
  • More and more scientific program opens new gateways to lots of people in terms of jobs.
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Conclusion :-

Space exploration is not a waste of money in long term aspect. Comparing space program with poverty eradication programs and other social welfare issues is not a progressive thought. Both the programs have separate budgets in the economy. We need Technological research and progress for overall development of the nation.

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