Yes – Zoos should be abolished:

  • Confining animals in enclosures is morally wrong. They belong to forests. Forcing space imitations can make them suffer psychologically.
  • Bringing wild animals from forests and keeping them in the middle of cities is potentially dangerous. More people will be in vulnerable conditions if any wild animal escapes from the zoo.
  • In most cases, animal families are divided to place them in different zoos. This is completely unethical and causes a lot of trauma to them.

No – Zoos should not be abolished:

  • Some animals are becoming extinct. Hence human intervention is necessary to not let this happen. In zoos, these animals and birds can get food and space to live and grow their population. Thereby zoos are very helpful for endangered animals.
  • As more and more people are aware of animal rights, the conditions at zoos have improved a lot in the present times.
  • Some species cannot survive in the wild. Zoos are the only option to help them live.
  • Zoos protect animals from hunting, predators and starving.
  • Without zoos, people may not see many animals in real. Zoos help in educating society about different species.
  • Zoos are helpful for research purposes. Scientists study the animals in zoos to know several things such as how animals are reacting to climate change & other threats, their behaviour, how can we help them etc.
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Zoos help endangered animals. But in the case of other animals and birds, instead of confining them in zoos, building more sanctuaries and allowing animals and birds to live and roam freely is ethical and practical. More alternative ways of protecting animals should be explored to make them feel safer.

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