• In the year 2020, several Bollywood and other Indian film celebrities are interrogated about drug usage.

Causes of drug menace in India:

  • The major part of the drugs business is happening through ‘dark web’, which is hidden and inaccessible through standard web browsers.
  • Schools and colleges are not taking responsibility to keep an eye on students to check drugs usage.
  • Compared to other countries like the USA, Malaysia and Thailand, we are not spending much money to tackle drug menace. Other countries involve military forces too to tackle drug trafficking.
  • Few politicians and influential persons are also involved in this business. Hence they are stopping any serious steps to eliminate drug trafficking.
  • Most of the drugs are transported from Latin American countries. But ‘amphetamine-type stimulants‘ (ATS) drug can be manufactured anywhere. It is the world’s second most widely abused drug after cannabis. In India, this drug is widely produced illegally.
  • Drug trafficking is the most profitable illegal business. Hence, many people are involved in the production and transport of drugs.
  • In other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand, punishment for drug trafficking is a death sentence. But, in India Jail term for drug trafficking is 10 years, and for repeated offences, it is a life term.
  • There is no separate police force to deal with the drugs business. India has ‘Narcotic Control Bureau’ (NCB), but they do not have enough manpower and equipment to deal with the rapidly growing drug menace.
  • Earlier drugs business could be traced due to the financial transactions through banks. But now, drugs are bought and sold using cryptocurrencies too like bitcoin. Hence it is becoming very difficult to track this business.
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  • Drug menace is the second most dangerous threat to the world after terrorism. But the loss of lives is more due to drug trafficking than due to terrorism.
  • Drug addicts face several health complications such as depression, mood swings, anxiety etc.
  • Violent behaviour and crimes increases due to drug menace.
  • Usage of drugs through injections is leading to the spread of AIDS and Hepatitis.
  • A major part of the money earned through drugs is used to fund terrorism.

What the Indian government is doing:

  • India setup ‘Narcotics Control Bureau‘ (NCB) to deal with drug trafficking.
  • Director of Revenue Intelligence‘ (DRI) checks all illegal businesses including drugs business.
  • Customs checks the drugs imports from other countries.
  • Drug victims are counselled and are sent to de-addiction centres.

What more needs to be done:

  • Drug trafficking should be attacked at all three stages – Production, transport and usage.
  • Drug addicts are victims according to Indian laws. So, they are sent to de-addiction centres. Enquiring them thoroughly can help the government to trace the routes and origins of drugs transport.
  • The separate police force should be created to deal with drug trafficking.
  • More funds must be allotted towards this cause.
  • Schools and colleges should take responsibility to protect students from the danger of drugs.
  • Punishments for drug dealers should be severe.
  • Awareness programs on drug abuse and its ill effects must be conducted.


Drug trafficking is the second most dangerous threat to the world after terrorism. It is affecting the lives of many innocent youngsters. India needs to fight with drug trafficking on a war-footing.

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