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In what way Payment Banks are useful?

What is a Payment bank :-
  • A bank licensed as a payment bank can receive deposits and offer remittances only. It cannot issue loans and credit cards.
  • Nachiket mor committee in 2014 in its report recommended for a new type
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Child labour in India

Causes of child labour :-
  • Poverty leads to child labour. Poor families with large numbers make their children work to keep the income steady.
  • Children are cheap source of labor compared to adults. Therefore to cut the labour costs, children
human gene editing
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Human Gene editing – Good or Bad?

In Favour :-
  • Almost 4% of the babies born every year have some type of genetic disorder which could be cured by genetic engineering.
  • Genetic Diseases affect only a minority. The majority doesn’t understand the pain and politicizes the situation.
brexit pros cons
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Brexit – Pros and Cons

Background :-
  • On the 23rd of June, United Kingdom held an ‘in or out EU Referendum’ with 48% against BREXIT – Britain Exit. While some leaders celebrated this win as Britain’s Independence day,  Prime Minister David Cameron showed his utter
big data
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Big Data – Pros & Cons

Background :-
  • The  term “big data” refers not only to large data sets, but also to the frameworks, techniques, and tools used to analyze it.
  • Big data may be semi-structured, structured, or unstructured. It can be collected through any data-generating