Joint family vs Nuclear family

joint family vs nuclear family

Joint Family:-

Advantages of Joint Family:-

  • In joint families, Elderly parents will get the support of children. Young parents will get the help of their parents in raising kids.
  • Kids will have the guidance and support of grandparents. When both the parents are working, this support will be of great help.
  • Increasing incidents of child kidnapping, human trafficking is worrying issues for parents of children. In joint families, this fear will be lesser because there will be a number of people to take care of their children.
  • Joint families are cost-effective units. Rents will be saved. Shared financial responsibilities will reduce the burden on everyone.
  • People in joint families will have plenty of support in times of difficulties.
  • Members of joint families are less likely to suffer from loneliness and depression.
  • People who were raised in joint families can easily mingle with other people. It’ll be very helpful in having an active social life.
  • Functions and festivals will be super fun.
  • There will be no dearth of friends, because of having cousins in their own home.
  • Members of the joint family can sustain daily needs even in cases of sudden job losses.
  • People will learn the importance of adjustment from childhood.

Disadvantages of Joint Family:-

  • As several families live together, there will be plenty of conflicts in sharing household work and financial responsibilities etc. This may affect relationships.
  • In general, gender division of work passes on from generation to generation in joint families. So, women in joint families may have to take care of the house chores, even if they are working women. In some families, elder members don’t even allow women of the house to have a career.
  • There will be less privacy for everyone in the family.
  • In the case of decision making, it’ll be tough to reach a consensus because of the number of people involved.
  • Earning members may feel that they are being taken for granted by lazy members of the family.
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Nuclear Family:-

Advantages of Nuclear family:-

  • More privacy.
  • There will not be many conflicts with extended family as they will have much fewer possibilities of conflicts.
  • It’s easy to convince everyone in the family in case of taking decisions.
  • Nuclear families tend to have more gender equality when compared to joint families because it does not contain elders to impose the age-old beliefs on the entire family.
  • Adults in nuclear families will learn to be independent and will take responsibility to support their family. The same will be learned by kids, and they can easily sustain themselves when they migrate to a new area to live on their own.
  • Parents can save money for the future of their kids as they will have fewer expenses.

Disadvantages of Nuclear family:-

  • When both parents are working, it will be much difficult to manage kids.
  • They may become isolated from extended family.
  • Children may get attracted to bad habits and bad friends easily when compared with children that have a lot of support and guidance from grandparents, uncles and aunts.
  • Children may follow the same trend and may leave their parents once they start earning. This will cause loneliness in elderly parents.


Both types of families have their own advantages and disadvantages. People choose to have a nuclear family or joint family depending on their situations and personal preferences.


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    1. My in-laws were so over Interfering I wanted to breathe through 🙏🙄woofff I’m so thankful to my dearest husband to took a stand n made me move out . 🙏My mother in law often barged into our privacy n even peeped into our personal bank statements… And that was soooo vierd. My mother never dared to do that shit🙏🙏

  1. According to my experiences joint family is the best because there are many members which help us in many works…Good.

  2. As we know every coin has two aspects in the same way both joint or nuclear both has its positive or negative point,

  3. As per my opinion both are good, it’s depends on people’s mostaly people wants to live joint family, some people wants to live a separate. If I talk about the joint family there is so many rules.. Everyone have to follow, but some good things are there we can share our experiences with each other and we can get help also.
    But separate family there is freedom.if both parent’s working and children’s are living alone. They don’t have any guidence and they use to bad habits..

  4. Hello everyone,
    Now we all discuss on the topic . In my opinion both types family are their own advantage and loss.
    I give first preference to joint family . In joint family child or family member learn many moral thought by elders.
    They learn many survival skills and get help in every stage of success and life .
    Joint family members are More safe than those of nuclear family in their lives.
    Joint family members don’t suffer from alonlyness , dipression and other Mental problem because they can share own problem with family and get release.
    Joint family members have a good mennar and more moral values.
    But some disadvantage of joint family is
    They don’t take any decision easily .they have Compromise in his own decision with every member of family.
    Sometimes they fall prey to predictable unemployment.
    For living they required a big home .
    Joint family more violence than nuclear family.

    In nuclear family all family members live comfortably.they have more freedom than joint family. In nuclear family all members lives according to his own rule and regulation.
    In nuclear family members easily take life policies.
    Disadvantage of nuclear family –
    Parents Don’t care his child properly . If both are in job then his child don’t safe at home . Many times without knowledge they take wrong decisions and thier child trun on a wrong way .
    Thank you

  5. Thanks respected sir and my dear friend . My name is Awnish Singh. Today we are gathered to discuss about joint family vs nuclear family . According joint family is good because in joint family can share happy and sorrow experience together. Both type of family have their owns advantage and disadvantage.people chose their family according to their situation and personal experience. The head of joint family plays a crucial role in smooth runs of joint family
    People will learn the important of adjustment from t the childhood.and they makes their festivals with enjoy and fun
    Rents and responsibilities will be shared with member
    In case of decision making . It will be tough because number of people is involved

  6. From my perspective , joint family is better even though you may have conflicts while making decisions but then only you can learn to appreciate each other’s opinion & consider the solution which benefits the most.
    From this types of conversation in home , younger kids of the house can learn to manage dispute between themselves when they’ll grow up & it’ll help them in their social life too.

  7. both are best. but privacy matter krti hai. family members kbi kbi aate rahe to acha lgta hai.roj nahi.

    1. Mam I partially agree with you that privacy matters but I opine that moral support is very important thing at the time of loneliness and depression that you can only get in a joint family, you could even ask for suggestions on the topics that you are feeling uneasy with. So joint family is better than nuclear family because you can get these things only in a joint family.

    2. It depends on you that what is your prospective towards your family members or relative’s

  8. Hi Friend my point of view joint family and nuclear family is based our situation.
    Because some person like join family like lots of enjoyment, obey of elders, and some adjustment is their . In case parent go to working, grand parent take care of every things as well as guidance for our children. But nuclear family more privacy and not to adjust to other family. So both family based on our mindset and situations.

    1. It’s true because more useful that joint family in case critical situation lots helped us so I agreed that one

    2. Yes I think you are right, because today the condition is very critical for elders like grandfather and grandmother some people can torture them and throw out of the house so my right choice is joint family.

  9. I must say that joint family is actually better than nuclear one as one may get rid of their busy schedule after spending sometime with our elders and it makes relationships strong as seen in previous years. But sadly instead of making bond strong nowadays it creates a muck into relationships reason being -their “so called attitude” which creates misunderstandings

  10. Both the families have own USP…..When couples don’t have kids, they wanted to live as nuclear family and when new member come in to there family they need support from on family members….this situation became very uncomfortable.
    No doubt JOINT FAMILY is always better then Nuclear family…..You never feels nurvese or depressed as someone always with you….but in Nuclear family small – Small problems can disappoint you…..

  11. Well in my point of view nuclear family is best at all.. am not against joint family & all but when it’s about future of your kids you should choose nuclear one bcos here you can save money as well as get away from “roj ka family kich-kich” that tremendously affect kids mind & way of thinking.

    1. And what if they get addicted to bad habits as they don’t get enough care and time of their parents.And yeah I obviously agree with your point of ‘roj ka family wala Kitch kitch’.

  12. No doubt joint families are more beneficial than nuclear families. But there are numvets of conflicts in the joint families. The head of the joint family plays a crucial role in smooth run of joint family. This is like a team and each player of the team has different talent and a good leader can only make best use of their talent. Like a team each member of the family can not be happy with the head of family. So he has the option to decide what to do. But if we think about the moral values of joint family, these are beneficial. But this may not happen in each case. So in my point of view people are wise to think what is good for their children, parents and so on.

  13. According to me every thing is a good side and bad side , nowadays people doesn’t want to stay in a joint family because family member has to obey to others ,as per their choice they will not be able to go here and there , they will not be able to food .But somebody in trouble like physical illness or job loss other member will take care of them but nuclear family you can go here and there ,you can take food as per your choice , what you want to buy ,you can buy. In a nuclear family somebody ill ,who will take care of other. Parents both are working who will take care of children.Yes house keeping people is there but suddenly she has some problem,then who will take care of the child, parents will not be able to go to work place.But joint elders are there , they will take care of the children, children also will learn how to adjust with other family members. But in a nuclear family when their parents will get old they will not able to accept them , they think they will send to the old age home. Yes people they have to little sacrifice then joint family is good.

      1. To my mind join family is better then nuclear family b’coz in join family we know very well how to respect elders,, how manage everything ,,, & children learn most of good things & children never go in bad company if they under in join family. In join family not pressure only one person everything is devided & family support also…

    1. According to my thoughts joint family is the best because of there are many members which help us in many works…

      And our children also learn moral study and get care through our grandparents..

      They never feel alone and sad…

      Grandparents spend their old age time their children…..

      And the cases of eve teasing , kidnapping, child labour will be decreased…

      That’s it

  14. From my opinion joint family is good, because only joint family can share happy and sorrow experiences together.

    1. According to my thoughts joint family is the best family in the world because we will learn more things with our parents,grandparents, uncles,aunts. There will no sad among others

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