Introduction :-

Facebook and LinkedIn are both public companies and bear few similarities. From a numbers standpoint, both companies are very similar. They both produced almost the same revenue per user. But, the number of users is quite different for the two. Facebook & LinkedIn have 900 million and 161 million users respectively. The year-over-year growth rate of LinkedIn is 100% as compared to Facebook’s 44%.

Differences :-

While the 2 may look similar in some aspects, there are very key differences between the two. LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network. It provides a platform for recruiters and job aspirants to connect. It derives more than 50% of its revenue from hiring solutions. Also, most of its users are either White Collar professionals or college students. The average age of the users is 40+ years.  But, LinkedIn has not been able to incorporate Blue-collar workers, hourly workers, non-professionals in its database which is its future growth opportunity.

Whereas, Facebook is a social media platform. Facebook is based on hyper-sharing. Every social aspect of a person’s life may be found on Facebook. Also, Facebook has a younger and more diverse crowd than LinkedIn. Its consumers are people from all walks of life. The average age of users on Facebook is 30 years.

Facebook is more of a personal platform whereas LinkedIn is a professional connection platform. Both serve very different purposes. Some might say that Facebook can be used in a manner similar to LinkedIn but it would lack the professional touch that LinkedIn provides.

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Conclusion :-

In conclusion, it can be said that both platforms serve a different purpose effectively and are very much required in the digital age. They need to co-exist in order for society to function effectively.

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  • Subham kumar singh, Sep 17, 2020 @ 8:59 pm Reply

    Yes… I do agree… Linked in is A quite Professional Platform linking people to a lot of employers and thereby helping employers find the right person for the post, besides a lot of another features. In the Current era, it’s working as a solution for a lot of corporate houses and HRM (Human Resource Manager). I have pragmatically witnessed people being referred for posts through the website. Besides this, people also use it for being sociable (That’s the main aim of face book). This is an overarching Medium for the Current world where u can be made updated, talk and communicate with your compatriots, referred for jobs and etc…
    As you already said that it’s only now covering white collar people, leaving a big opportunity untapped into. so, i expect that they will down the line start their new intra-segment for blue-collar people too to increase their base.
    Thank You for Reading on the write up..

  • Tinku Paul, May 31, 2019 @ 7:21 am Reply

    According to me Facebook is the very popular social networking websites. Most of the people use Facebook , people within a second can share their personal things , like photo , opinion everything in all over the world and not only that people find out their old friends those they did not have any relation so peoples they feel very happy but Facebook and LinkedIn both are use different purpose . Professional people subscribe the LinkedIn so those are looking for a job and those want to hire the people they can recruit the aspirants as per their choice it’s very good platform where people get the facility both website purpose is different .

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