Introduction :-

Facebook and LinkedIn are both public companies and bear few similarities. From a numbers standpoint, both companies are very similar. They both produced almost the same revenue per user. But, the number of users is quite different for the two. Facebook & LinkedIn have 900 million and 161 million users respectively. The year-over-year growth rate of LinkedIn is 100% as compared to Facebook’s 44%.

Differences :-

While the 2 may look similar in some aspects, there are very key differences between the two. LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network. It provides a platform for recruiters and job aspirants to connect. It derives more than 50% of its revenue from hiring solutions. Also, most of its users are either White Collar professionals or college students. The average age of the users is 40+ years.  But, LinkedIn has not been able to incorporate Blue-collar workers, hourly workers, non-professionals in its database which is its future growth opportunity.

Whereas, Facebook is a social media platform. Facebook is based on hyper-sharing. Every social aspect of a person’s life may be found on Facebook. Also, Facebook has a younger and more diverse crowd than LinkedIn. Its consumers are people from all walks of life. The average age of users on Facebook is 30 years.

Facebook is more of a personal platform whereas LinkedIn is a professional connection platform. Both serve very different purposes. Some might say that Facebook can be used in a manner similar to LinkedIn but it would lack the professional touch that LinkedIn provides.

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Conclusion :-

In conclusion, it can be said that both platforms serve a different purpose effectively and are very much required in the digital age. They need to co-exist in order for society to function effectively.

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