• The present education system of India is exam oriented. It emphasizes continuous evaluation forcing students to mug up the chapters without focusing on the learning part. And there is not enough practical knowledge.
  • Though diverse courses are coming these days, still many are encouraged to pursue either engineering or medical. This is depriving India to have knowledge power in diverse fields.
  • The renowned scientists of India have been repeatedly complaining about the low budget allotment and the utter ignorance towards the Research Institutes of India and blame the government for their unsuccess. Thousands of students pursue their PhDs from abroad since India lacks good research centres. Without emphasis on research, no country can become knowledge hub.
  • Brain drain has been a major problem for a developing country like India. Every year, more and more parents encourage their children to pursue their degrees abroad and settle outside India. Due to this, we are losing out on a major section of highly qualified professionals.
  • A major population of India constitutes of the rural communities who have encouraged their children to earn money and support their families at an early age, pushing them into the practice of child labour. Girls, on the other hand, are married off the richer families and never given the insights of career building or knowledge development.
  • Poverty is a big obstacle to improve knowledge pool.


  • India has a large number of startup businesses and ranks third after the United States and Britain as per the total count of well-established startups. This clearly depicts the creative thinking of the Indian youth. Most of the IITians do not prefer working with an organization rather aspire to become business leaders.
  • Sundar Pichai (Google), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Shantanu Narayan(Adobe Systems), Ajay Banga( MasterCard) etc are currently acting as the CEO of their respective companies and have been prominently ruling the world. They all have made Indians proud and many more continue to do so.
  • Bangalore has been recently named the Silicon Valley of India as it comprises of a large cluster of multi-national companies and has exponentially grown to become India’s largest Information Technology hub. It has been compared to the worlds largest IT hub – Silicon Valley, a city in the United States.
  • The Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi has recently come up with an initiative of transforming India digitally in the race of modernization and globalization. This involves major changes in the healthcare systems and adoption of latest technologies with the primary motive to promote ‘Digital India‘.
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India is an emerging nation which dreams of becoming a developed country one day. It has done exclusively in terms of population ranking but struggles to put forward the proportional skill and knowledge on the table. For most of those who prefer pursuing their higher education degrees abroad, never seem to return back to India and share their learnings to apply them.

Discovery of the number Zero, Heliocentric theory, Ayurveda, Vedic Maths are some of the inventions of Indians, which proves that India has knowledge power. With powerful leaders like Narendra Modi, India is in great hands and continues to succeed in every competitive environment.


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  • Tinku, Jan 28, 2021 @ 7:28 am Reply

    According to me India has large population but lack of knowledge power -because still many peoples are living below the poverty line. Exceptional peoples are there, they are leading the country, big dignitaries.Govt. should take care the standard of Education as poor people
    can take their education properly . Education
    dept. Should take care not for complete syllabus rather to get the knowledge of the student. Especially those people living rural area encourage the child labour as a result a big portion of India deprive . May be exceptional peoples are there but they like to go to outside India because India they don’t get the
    job as a result they don’t think they should take care of the country . They think they get good remuneration and enjoy the facility, they don’t want to come back. As a result brain drain is increasing. Reach people they send their children to English medium school but poor people how they can afford . But I can’t say India lack of knowledge power. Yes some of the percentages they are lack of knowledge power. Not for as s whole.

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