Points to speak on “Equality is a myth”:

  • Equality is necessary to achieve a good and balanced society, which ensures better living standards for all. But still, there are many kinds of inequalities in society such as social inequality, economic inequality, gender inequality etc.
  • Economic inequality has multiple consequences, especially it can limit our exposure. For example, these days, good quality education is expensive, thereby limiting the opportunities for the less privileged. Similarly, economic inequality can impact the next generation of those individuals too.
  • Social inequality comprises a wide spectrum such as discrimination based on gender, race, caste, religion, ethnicity etc. Still there exists social inequality in many parts of the world including the developed nations.
  • Gender inequality is evident in the percentage of women in higher positions across the fields including politics, corporates, bureaucracy etc. Even in the 21st century, Some families especially poor families prefer to educate male children over female children.
  • Democratization of technology is helping to bridge inequalities in society through the availability of information and also by creating awareness and opening doors for many opportunities.


Equality is still a myth. But instead of striving to achieve equality, we should be aiming for equitability that leads to a harmonious and fair society.

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