• Netiquette (online etiquette) means good behaviour online. As new trends in communications emerged, online communication is being increasingly used. So, the importance of netiquette has been emphasized.

Points to speak:

  • Virtual meetings are now a common thing. So, learning the rules of netiquette is very essential for a good career.
  • Companies are increasingly searching for information about their potential employees online before hiring them. They are assessing our behaviour through the information we upload on the internet. Our digital footprints are increasingly becoming important in deciding our future. So, it is important to follow netiquette even on social media and other online platforms to get a good job.
  • With the proliferation of the internet, now everyone has the power to write their opinions online. Through social media or comment sections, people tell their opinions to the world. But this affects our personal reputation either positively or negatively based on the content we write.
  • The general rule of netiquette is behaving online in the same way as we behave offline. Real life and virtual life are increasingly colliding. So, we should treat both in the same way.
  • We may not understand nonverbal cues in online communication, especially when it is a written form of communication such as emails and messages. So, good netiquette is to be clear in what we are saying.
  • By following the rules of netiquette, we can build a good reputation, which will help in our offline life.
  • As even little controversies are going viral these days, the importance of teaching netiquette to everyone is now more than before.
  • Netiquette should be taught in schools, colleges and also through crash courses to prevent unwarranted situations such as online bullying, damage to personal reputation etc.
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It is a necessity in the current times to learn netiquette. Schools and colleges need to teach this to students to help them in their social and professional lives.

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