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  • Bollywood or the Indian film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra is the huge entertainment industry with over millions of viewers. A lot of fandom comes along with such a massive count of viewers. Along with fandom, controversies among actors are always the hot topics for media and the viewers as well. The recent dispute about nepotism or favoritism has set in like wildfire into bollywood recently.


  • Movie stars of Bollywood often launch their children with much ease in the industry. Such acts serve as the roots of the debate for nepotism. This kind of act has been going on since ages. Hence, nepotism evidently exists in Bollywood.
  • A heated up conversation had taken place on a talk show few months back. Celebrities like Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut had participated in the discussion. Being a successful actress herself with films in her pockets, she openly addressed the issue of favoritism going on. She had declared Karan Johar, the producer as ‘the flag-bearer of nepotism’ on his own talk show. This incident sparked up the fact which persisted for so many long years.
  • The standards of Indian cinemas fall at times because of nepotism. Producers and directors are pushing star kids to launch in their movies, failing to judge their acting skills and screen presence. This leads to flop movies and a loss of quality and standards of the Indian cinemas.
  • Some talented, non biased outsiders like Ayushmann Khurrana, Priyanka Chopra, Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda and many more had years of continuous struggle. They had spent many years for recognition of their work, critics and opportunities. This is where nepotism becomes prominent. Star kids on the other hand, have it all ready for them.
  • The reason why a number of stars do not get leveled up after they start acquiring recognition is favoritism. There are a very few Bollywood stars with international recognition. Bollywood is more interested in profits and box office hits that comes in with famous faces rather than brushing raw talents.
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  • Nepotism among the stars can give them their first films. The rest of their carrier lies in their talent and hard work. So we cannot blame nepotism for their fandom completely.
  • Actors like Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan and a few more has never failed to entertain their viewers and win their hearts in movies. They proved that nepotism cannot bring success and awards. Hard work, dedication and talent is equally important.
  • As kids of actors, directors and producers grew up watching their parents’ work. They tend to be naturally inclined to the same work. Hence, we cannot blame it as nepotism when they want enter into the bollywood industry.
  • Star kids also have an upbringing which is surrounded by the Bollywood industry. This gives them an advantage of getting adjusted and having a clearer overview of the industry. This might help them learn faster and do better which an outsider might not be able to.


  • Implementation of an effective, unbiased and transparent system of selecting talents can avoid nepotism.
  • Nepotism on the counterpart does not always help an actor to acquire fame. Being a star kid brings in a lot of judgmental eyes and controversial effect on the actor. This might be an additional burden for her/him at times.
  • Sometimes nepotism goes unnoticed. Fame comes only when the actor has some real talent up their sleeves and had put in loads of hard work.

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  • Amrat, Jul 7, 2020 @ 8:06 pm Reply

    Tel me where there is no Nepotism ?One knows since independence what has been happening. it is still every where around the glob, will remain wheat ever one hopes. Look’s like second religion after Corruption !!.

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