Background :-

  • Businesses are defined as “small” in terms of applying for government support and qualify for preferential tax policy. This varies on the country and industry types. Small businesses are mainly private owned corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. These businesses have fewer employees and less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation. Small businesses are on a rise as they are easy to establish and operate.

Yes :-

  • Debates remarked that workers in a small firms behave in ways more compatible with the goals and interests of their employers than employees in large firms. this hence, shows that small farms tend to be more harmonious than large companies.
  • With lesser number of employees or man power comes lesser overall expense. This eases the managers or heads of these companies to expand their businesses. It is also easier to manage, operate and work with less number of people.
  • To expand their businesses, these small scale businesses join hands with other small scale ones to grow. Hence, this creates a stronger harmony among the small scale industries.
  • Entrepreneurs are closely linked with small scale businesses. Most of the entrepreneurial ventures start off as small businesses and the rates of startups nowadays are sky-rising. Hence from the increasing rates, we can clearly conclude that small scale businesses have harmony among them.
  • Big companies and brands are always at a constant race to overtake the other one. Harmony between two big brands comes at the bottom of the list. This hence shows more harmony between smaller companies than the larger ones.
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No :-

  • Small companies too have a constant struggle to gain position, recognition and take their business to the next step. This pressure is not there among the big, successful companies. Hence, the small ones may have lesser harmony than the large ones from this perspective.
  • Low revenues and low monetary conditions of small scale businesses also brings in differences among the employees. This proves to be a cut down on the harmony of the companies.
  • Budget constraints are a significant small business hurdle. Small businesses don’t have the funds to put into research and development, advanced technology, marketing and promotions and high-end inventory. This is not the case scenario for big brands.

Conclusion :-

Small businesses do not get easy and enough financial support or bank loans from banks for kick-starting their business. On the other hand, large companies get loans very easily which are misused at times. The key to a successful businesses is harmony among the employees within the team and also with other companies too.

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