Yes :-

  • Ease of doing business in India is improved a lot in the recent years. India is targeting to reach 30th rank in Ease of doing business index by 2030. If this pace continues, India will become a superpower soon.
  • India took major steps such as Demonetization and GST in the recent times. These changes increased world attention on India. India’s demonetization move has inspired several countries including Australia and Venezuela to act tough against black money. Hence we can say that India is a leader already.
  • India’s tough moves against black money lead to decline of Indians’ black money in swiss banks by half in 2016.
  • India is the 4th fastest growing economy in the world.
  • India is on it’s way to become a permanent member of United Nations Security Counsel (UNSC), which now has USA, UK, Russia, France and China as permanent members.
  • India’s share in world’s GDP is steadily growing is expected to reach 17% by the end of 2017 according to Global Economic Watch (GEW) report.
  • Digital literacy is increasing at a rapid rate in India.

No :-

  • India ranked 12th in the list of countries that have highest income inequalities.
  • 21.9% of Indians are living in poverty in 2017 according to Asian Development Bank (ADB) report.
  • India was ranked 148 in representation of women in executive government in 2017 in Women in politics report by United Nations. India’s gender gap problem is clearly seen by this report.
  • Dominant religion politics are increasing these days. This is a threat National unity and so is a big obstacle to developing India.
  • Violence against women is on the rise in India, despite taking several measures.
  • Lack of infrastructure is a major hindrance to India to become a superpower.
  • Many Indian politicians have criminal record. With these kind of leaders, it is very difficult to become a strong nation.
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Conclusion :-

India is a potential superpower because India exerts influence on a global scale. India has a strong presence in international affairs. But still India needs to close income and gender gaps to become a superpower.

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  • RAUL G L SANTIMANO, May 4, 2021 @ 7:52 pm Reply

    In fact, India is already a superpower. If India itself doesn’t recognize this fact first, nobody else will.
    First, you have to declare who you are for the others to recognize that soon after.

  • RAUL G L SANTIMANO, May 4, 2021 @ 7:45 pm Reply

    India just has to continue being the best in IT technology. This is something that can control the income inequalities, reduce poverty through govt. watch, gender gap problem, dominant religion politics, violence against women, improve infrastructure and oblige politicians to have a clean slate.
    All this can be done through IT exposure, where everyone and everything comes into focus.

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