Causes of corruption:-

  • Most of the employees in government and private sector are paid low salaries.
  • Even if someone caught red-handed by the anti-corruption officials or media, either they get suspended or gets transferred to another location, the punishment imposed on the criminals is inadequate.
  • People encourage corruption. If a person wants to get his done his work quickly, he gets it done by corruption means if possible and then later criticizes the corrupt official. During election, politicians always try to lure the people by offering money and other things.
  • In government offices there is a lack of coordination and control leads to irresponsible behavior and so those who are in urgency have to pay these officials to get their work done on time. This lack of accountability in offices causes corruption too.
  • There are few good people (Activist, NGO’s, leaders) who strive hard to eradicate corruption but due to lack of support and cooperation from people and the government, the voices and efforts of these people are often suppressed(2011 anti-corruption movement lead by Anna Hazare was successful yet The Lokpal Bill,2011 in the parliament failed to pass).
  • There are those who raise their voices but they are either get threatened or forced to leave their jobs and this fear stops them and others in future too. This accelerates the growth of corruption. There is no protection for whistle blowers.
  • Many Politicians misuses their authority and power and accept bribes from Private Businessman for approval of their projects. Again lack of serious punishments encourages this phenomenon.
  • Due to lack of job opportunities, many people are ready to pay money in return for the job offer.

Effects of corruption:-

  • The greatest effect of corruption is the loss of National wealth. India lost billions and billions of rupees in various scam like Jeep Deal, 2G spectrums, Indian Cal Allocation Scam and many more.
  • Corruption is the only hindrance in the way towards development. Many development projects are taking more time for their completion as these officials stretch these projects seeking more and more money from government which eventually ends in their pockets.
  • Due to corruption, India is behind other countries in fields of Defense, Research etc. Government is providing all the facilities but they are not reaching them.
  • Corruption is also the main cause of Poverty as Rich are getting richer & poor are getting poorer. Not all the packages, compensation announced by government reach the minorities and backward communities.
  • Incapable candidates are selected for higher posts. Authority and powers are in wrong hands as these candidates lack leadership and management qualities.
  • Lots of new talents gets wasted every year as they didn’t get the opportunities to prove themselves which eventually is a loss if India.
  • The recent increase in the crime rates are due to corruption in Police administration. When officers engaged with corrupt activist, they let go culprits with minor charges. Corruption give rise to Injustice and Injustice give rise to crimes and anti-social activism.
  • The injustice resulting from Corruption forces many to commit suicides as in case of farmers as many didn’t get the Schemes and Packages announced by Government for their aid.
  • Few people are taking revenge thereby victim becomes the culprit. This is mainly because of our corrupted and weak judicial system. It corrodes the healthy social fabric of nation.
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Steps taken by Indian government:-

  • The biggest step is demonetization i.e. banning 500 and 1000 rs notes which is the route of all evil, be it Corruption, Black Money, Terrorism.
  • Under “Right to Information Act (RTI)“, citizens can now ask government about how out ta money is spent.
  • With “Jan Dhan yojana” & “Direct Benefit Transfer” schemes, bank accounts of millions of people were opened so that they can get subsidies and benefits directly into their account.
  • E-Auctions for spectrums and natural resources is a good step towards a corruptionless India.
  • Government is focusing more on Digitizing, which will lead to more transparency in functioning of government.
  • Government introduced self-attestation of certificates and has removed interviews from lower posts, so no one can bribe their way through interview to jobs.
  • Another potent check on corruption is Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). It was setup by the Government to advise and guide Central Government agencies in the areas of vigilance.

What still needs to be done:-                           

  • The major breakthrough will come when ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ get passed by the parliament.
  • Establishment of special courts for speedy justice  in corruption cases can be a huge positive aspect. Much time should not elapse between the registration of a case and the delivery of judgment.
  • Strong and stringent anti-corruption laws need to be enacted which gives no room for the guilty to escape.
  • All government and non-government agencies should work in coordination with media, educational institutions and corporate sectors to control and eradicate corruption. They should be united in their efforts against corruption.
  • Moral values should be taught to children by their parents and teachers.
  • We, citizens have to stop doing this and report (make videos) if someone ask for money. It’s a step by step process and it has to start from our end.
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Conclusion :-

Corruption has ruined almost all establishments of India and adversely effecting everyone and everything i.e. from roads to railways, Govt. schools to Hospitals. With co-ordination from people and effective implementation of anti-corruption laws, Indian government can tackle this issue.

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