In Against:-

  • The main advantage of MNCs is reducing of unemployment.
  • India is a developing country. MNCs helping India to become developed country.
  • They are helping us to connect with whole world, which is highly necessary for developing countries in present generation.
  • Some MNCs are including in social activities.
  • They are introducing new products of cost effective.
  • The employees of these companies are having high salary.
  • Economy of India increases.

In Favor:-

  • India has many intelligent people. But the intelligence is not used by India, and using for the development of the other countries.
  • Many talented people are settling in foreign countries to work for MNCs.
  • The stress of MNC employees is more compared to others. There are many cases of mental health problems in these employees.
  • The pay scale of Indian employees of these companies is less compared to foreign employees of the same companies.
  • Employees of these companies are working like robots, and not spending their valuable time with their family.
  • Some young people are attracted by the high salary and moulding their career wrongly for luxury life.
  • In these companies there is least scope of using creativity. Mostly, employees are just following instructions of their superiors.
  • By MNCs, local companies are having losses.


Multinational companies are not disadvantage to our country. India need MNCs to become developed country. But employees of these companies should not take responsibility for overloaded work just for high salary. So that, there can have fulfillment of passion and also fulfillment of personal life.

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