Should kids’ reality shows be banned?


Theme :-

  • There are many reality shows for kids these days in different themes like singing, dancing, acting, playing games etc.
  • Kids’ reality shows are facing opposition from several people. They demand that reality shows for children should be banned.

Yes :-

  • Reality shows put enormous pressure on participants to perform well every time. Children cannot handle this stress, and this may cause mental health issues.
  • Almost all reality shows involves the process of eliminating participants one by one at each level. Facing defeat infront of everyone is not that easy for children. This may put an emotional toll on children.
  • These days, many songs and dances in movies are not supposed to be seen by children. Singing and dancing for these obscene songs will exploit children’s innocence and creates confusion in their minds. This pressure on their minds can also leads to depression.
  • It is inevitable for adults to face pressure and stress in their lives. Hence atleast childhood should be happy and pressureless for everyone.
  • Reality shows teaches children to be competitive and do not teach about the importance of co-operation. This too much competitive spirit creates the feeling that winning is the ultimate goal.

No :-

  • Reality shows give opportunity for children to bring out their hidden talents and to finess their skills.
  • It gives them a sense of purpose and direction from a very young age.
  • The present education system doesn’t include other career options such as singing, acting, dancing, games etc. Reality shows closes this loophole in the education system.
  • Reality shows act like a launchpad for children into the film industry. Some of the present singers, choreographers are made into the movies through reality shows for children.

Conclusion :-

There are advantages and disadvantages with kid’s reality shows. Whether these shows should be banned or not is a long debate. For now, children that participate in reality shows need to be provided counselling by psychologists to take the pressure off from the them.


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  1. Definitely no because as said they may feel some kind of stress to win the competition or depression after elimination but these are the things that only make him/her aware about the reality of life that you may even lose the competition in life but the main thing is not to lose the hope and keep practicing(which makes everyone perfect) .The main thing is regarding the right guidance.

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