Hard Work vs Smart Work
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Hard Work vs Smart Work

Hard Work vs Smart Work: Smart work:-
  • Advantages of Smart work:-
    • Smart work is intellectual. Hence it improves our innovative and creative thinking skills.
    • Smart work improves productivity.
    • It teaches time management skills.
    • Because of smart work, we now have
movies on youth
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Impact of movies on youth

Positive impact :-
  • Progressive thoughts like gender equality, organ donation spread easily through movies. For example, ‘Dangal’ movie inspired many to encourage their daughters in sports.
  • Till recently, most of the Indians preferred engineering or medicine as the career choice.
Ethical GD Topics

Should kids’ reality shows be banned?

Theme :-
  • There are many reality shows for kids these days in different themes like singing, dancing, acting, playing games etc.
  • Kids’ reality shows are facing opposition from several people. They demand that reality shows for children should be banned.
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