Positive impact :-

  • Progressive thoughts like gender equality, organ donation spread easily through movies. For example, ‘Dangal’ movie inspired many to encourage their daughters in sports.
  • Till recently, most of the Indians preferred engineering or medicine as the career choice. This belief is changing these days, and movies too has a role in this change. Careers of lead characters in movies impacts young people greatly. For example, ‘Ghaji’ movie attracted many towards career in Navy.
  • Though most of Indian movies concentrate on love between lead roles, these days many movies are coming with wonderful story lines and is influencing youth to focus on life goals rather than just concentrating on love phase.
  • Several Indian movies on current issues are thought provoking and are highlighting the mistakes people are doing. For example, ‘Shatamanambhavathi’ movie highlights the plight of parents that are left behind by abroad-settled children.
  • Movies are a great source of entertainment. People can relive from stress and pressure at work or studies by watching movies.
  • Through movies, cultures are depicted wonderfully. Hence, movies increases cultural sensitivity.

Negative impact :-

  • Indian movies show eve-teasing and stalking as normal and sometimes as heroic. This is impacting youth negatively and is turning them into harassers.
  • Most of the filmmakers ignore their responsibility towards society and add commercial elements to make their movies success. These kind of filmmakers make movies that do not offer any good to society, but spreads negative elements like violence, stalking etc.
  • These days Indian movies are objectifying women by adding item songs or special songs. Irony is that on one hand they preach gender sensitivity, on the other hand they make songs that are demeaning to women.
  • In most of the Indian movies, male lead drinks alcohol and shows it as heroic. In some movies, male lead smokes too. This influences teenagers, who have strong emotions.
  • Movies always depict luxury lifestyle and rarely shows middle class lives. This leads to increase in consumeristic society, and the worst impact will be on youth.
  • Some filmmakers impose their personal opinions on society through movies. This kind of movies may depict certain communities or religions in a negative light.
  • Movies encourage people to take revenge. Rarely movies show lead characters fight in a legal way. In many films, lead characters kill antagonists by themselves. This is a threat to our society and legal administration.
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Conclusion :-

Indian Cinema is changing for good. But still there are many elements that needs to be changed for the betterment of society. Filmmakers need to realize their responsibility towards society, instead of just concentrating on success.

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Afterwords :- Do you think Indian Cinema is impacting youth negatively? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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