Debate topics 2024 with Answers (Pros & Cons):

  1. Can Artificial intelligence replace Human intelligence?
  2. Are corporate jobs a new form of slavery?
  3. Is nuclear disarmament mandatory to achieve World Peace?
  4. Which one is more important – Creativity or Knowledge?
  5. Is Stock Market similar to gambling?
  6. Should Physical Education be made compulsory in schools?
  7. Is internet curbing creativity?
  8. Is the concept of non-violence still applicable?
  9. Are celebrities treated unfairly by media?
  10. Can celebrities make good politicians?
  11. Are Leaders born or made?
  12. Impact of News channels on society
  13. Can illiterates be given driving licenses?
  14. Is war the best way to solve international disputes?
  15. Innovation vs Invention – What is more important?
  16. Should organ donation be made compulsory?
  17. Data is the new Oil
  18. Co-education (Mixed gender education) – Pros & Cons
  19. Should street food be banned?
  20. Freedom is a myth
  21. Do brands rule our lives?
  22. Should there be a ban on Bandhs?
  23. Will artificial intelligence take away jobs?
  24. Should the rich and wealthy in India be taxed more?
  25. Is there a need to curb the mushrooming of private coaching institutes?
  26. Son of the Soil approach in recruitment – Good or Bad?
  27. Are CCTV cameras in public places effective or just an invasion of privacy?
  28. Should both developed and underdeveloped countries have equal binding in combating climate change?
  29. Do small companies have more harmony?
  30. Indiscriminate Tourism will lead to environmental damage
  31. MBAs do not make good business leaders
  32. Involving Army in civil tasks – Right or Wrong?
  33. Should Politics and Business be mixed?
  34. Does corporate world promote entrepreneurship?
  35. Money spent on space exploration can be better used on reducing poverty on earth
  36. Trial by Media – Pros and Cons
  37. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?
  38. Should ‘Right to Privacy’ have limits?
  39. Should ‘Freedom of expression’ have limits?
  40. Are women better managers than men?
  41. Is Technology creating income inequalities?
  42. Should Beauty pageants be banned?
  43. Ethics in Politics – Myth or Reality?
  44. Impact of Video games on youth
  45. Artificial intelligence – Pros and Cons
  46. Human Gene editing – Good or Bad?
  47. Big Data – Pros & Cons
  48. Smart work vs Hard work
  49. Impact of movies on youth
  50. Can we rely on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  51. Should the Internet be censored?
  52. Can World Peace be achieved?
  53. Experimenting on Animals – Is it fair?
  54. Should stray animals be killed?
  55. Is it really worth to become a cashless economy?
  56. Impact of Social Media on youth
  57. Should Environment polluters be severely punished?
  58. Is Technology rising Unemployment rates?
  59. Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage
  60. Is Reservation for women justified?
  61. Is Educational qualification necessary for Politicians?
  62. Eastern vs Western- which parenting style is better?
  63. Should attendance be made compulsory for students?
  64. Should Capital punishment be banned?
  65. Should zoos be abolished?
  66. Social networking sites – Boon or Bane?
  67. Genetically modified products – Boon or bane?
  68. Are Big Dams Necessary?
  69. Is dependence on computers a good thing?
  70. Internet – boon or bane?
  71. Voting rights to illiterates – illogical?
  72. Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent
  73. Private Educational Institutions – Good or Bad?
  74. Should euthanasia / mercy killing be legalized?
  75. E-Learning: A substitute for classroom learning?
  76. Is Globalization Really Necessary?
  77. Bullet for Bullet: Is it a Right policy?
  78. Commercialization of health care : Good or Bad ?
  79. Should Chinese products be banned in India?
  80. Examination – Has it killed Education?
  81. Privatization will lead to less corruption.
  82. Are Advertisements Beneficial or not?
  83. Is censorship of movies an outdated concept?
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