Why is India unhappy?

why is India unhappy

Theme :-

  • India is ranked 140th among 156 countries in World’s happiness Index, 2019. India is behind Pakistan & Bangladesh in happiness index.
  • Rankings are given by taking six factors into consideration. They are levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption.

Why India couldn’t secure a better place in happiness index :-

  • Increasing crimes against women.
  • High income inequality.
  • Increasing intolerance. Freedom of expression is at threat.
  • Imposition of patriotism on everyone. Criticizing the bad in the country is being labelled as ‘Anti-Nationalistic’.
  • Growing communalism and majoritarian Politics are decreasing the trust in the government.
  • Longer work hours.
  • Mental health is not given its due importance. Government expenditure and number of psychiatrists are very low in India.
  • Education is not available to all even now.
  • Medical facilities are affordable to many in India. This affects the life expectancy factor in happiness Index.
  • Lack of opportunities is increasing underemployment in India. This can be evident in the large number of applications from post graduates for clerical posts. This leads to stress and reduction in happiness levels.

What can be learnt from happy countries :-

  • All the top countries in happiness index give utmost importance to personal freedom.
  • Higher GDP levels. Though money can’t buy happiness, economic strength ensures better conditions and leads to increase in happiness levels.
  • Absence of corruption increases trust in government. Thereby people feel safe to live there, which inturn increases happiness levels.

Conclusion :-

The fact the we ranked way below our neighboring countries in happiness index is disturbing. Though India is listed in the least happy countries in the world, India is moving in a right direction by empowering women, reducing corruption and increasing transparency. But we have a long way to go. These happiness rankings remind the loopholes in our system. India needs to work faster to reduce inequality and to ensure freedom. Happiness ministry is the need of the hour in India.

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