Should organ donation be made compulsory?

In Favor :-

  • Many people are in need of organ replacement surgeries to survive. There is a shortage of organ donors. Hence compulsory organ donation after death can ensure that no one will die due to the non-availability of healthy organs.
  • Many people are being kidnapped for organs. Illegal human organ trafficking is in almost every country. Some poor people are selling organs. All these things are consequences of organs shortage.
  • If organ donation is made compulsory, the surplus organs can be used for research purposes. As a result, it will be easier to find cure for many diseases.
  • Society gives us so much since our birth. It’s our responsibility to give back to society, and organ donation is one of the easiest things to do, as dead bodies do not feel pain.
  • Opponents of this stance argue that religious sentiments should be respected. But on contrary to that all religions encourage their followers to help others.

Against :-

  • Forcing someone to be an organ donor is not ethical. Their consent should be respected. It’s their body and their choice. Everyone should have freedom to take decision about what happens to their body after their death.
  • Some people have faith that dead body should be buried as it as. It is the society’s responsibility to respect people’s faith.
  • Even if the organ donation is made compulsory, there is no guarantee that the organs will save someone’s life. Over supply may result in the wastage of some organs.
  • We do not have enough infrastructure to store the organs. If everyone is an organ donor, it may become a burden on government to store all the organs and government may not allocate that much money for this purpose. In this case also, some organs may go waste.
  • Not all organ transplantation surgeries are successful. The body of recipient may reject the organ of the donor.
  • Organ recipients have to use expensive medicines to integrate the organ in the body. Only rich can afford that, and the poor will be the losers.

Conclusion :-

It’s a fact that there is a shortage of organ donors and many people are in need of organs. But forcing people to help others may not be ethical. So, it’s better to make everyone as an organ donor by default and giving them right to object to the donation can keep everyone at peace.

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  1. Organ donation is the need of the hour. But it should not be made compulsory. Through motivation from childhood, it can be promoted. Success stories in this connection to be imparted in schools. Myths to be removed.

  2. In my opinion there should be implied consent for organ donation after death unless specified by the individual against it during his/ her lifetime or in will.
    No religion opposes organ donation. On the contrary they encourage it.
    Lord Ganesha is perhaps an example of the belief in organ transplantation by hindu religion.

  3. According to me organ donation is very good but should not compulsory. Everybody has some personal desire. Yes everyone should intention after their death they will donate their organ , many peoples are there , they have problem, if they will get organ , may be they will survive. But in India there are no this type of infrastructure, all those they will get die , Dr. preserve their organ and not it is very costly , poor people cannot afford, after transplantation huge medical expenses. As well as some orthodox people they don’t want to donate their organ. So those have desire after their death they will donate their organ , they will donate .It should not compulsory.


  4. Organ donation should be made compulsory to those who are are not suffering from any disease. So the organ donations will be limited and all of them will be used transplantation or researches. So no extra infrastructure will be required. This will just fulfill the demand without creating any extra stock.

  5. Yes, it should not be compulsory because country like India dont have a proper infrastructure to store the organs and at the time any people need organs they charged high price so its means only rich people can afford this.

    And sometime rich people buy the organs by giving lots of money

  6. If a dead body is in good condition i.e. If it is not attacked by any diseases then its organ part should be donated.

  7. I don’t think organ donations should be compulsary. We should not be forced to do such a good deed instead we should ourselves be ready to do such a good deed.after we die those organs are of no use to us but if they can make someone else’s life better off we should do it.

    1. But what will happen, when a poor people need any organ but are not able to buy it because of high price?

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