Politics and business should be mixed :-

  • In an open market, a business entity will always back a political group that is more capitalistic. This backing is often in the form of donations. Thus, both the legal and political entities are benefitted.
  • All the political parties thrive on donation amounts received from the public. Business groups have the democratic right to back their favored group.
  • Since most of the nations in the modern world are stringently capitalistic, business is the driver of a country’s GDP. Government policies regulate the industries. The formulations of these policies require consultations and inclusion of the businesses themselves. Thus, the communication of politics and business becomes inevitable.
  • If the person has conservative views or say liberal views and wants to spread the market only to conservative or liberal then it could prove to be a smart business.
  • The collaboration between the business and government sectors could help in increasing the employability and also help in filling the skill gap.
  • Various government policies have helped in the development of the micro, small and medium enterprises.
  • A private business venture is governed by a lot of government policies which forces the companies to be in contact with the whole lot of big or small political parties and hence increases the chances of development.
  • Politics mixing up with the businesses can act as a trigger for them to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),e. the responsibility they owe towards the development of their environment and surroundings.
  • Government services are the mostly the only civic amenities present in villages. However, so long, they have been shabby. Government – corporate nexus can bring the private services nearer to the villages by formulating policies favoring both the corporates and the public – thus bringing to the villages both better quality of services and employment.
  • Businesses become a way of influencing foreign countries as well. The signing of Free Trade Agreements, etc. do not only facilitate smooth business but also are a signature of amicable relations between the participating countries.
  • Having the same political views may lead to better understanding between the employees as well as with customers which helps in building more friendly relationships.
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Politics and business should not be mixed :-

  • It is easy for political parties to escape the disclosure of their donors’ names. Thus, it becomes an easy way for corporates to convert black money to white.
  • Monetary donations are a great way for corporates to influence the decisions made by a government. Higher the donation, the closer a person can get to the party heads. Thus, this paves way for lobbying.
  • The government has still a lot of control over several industries like mining, real estate, and fertilizer industries. This opens routes for corruption as politicians often allow speedy licensing, etc. in exchange for bribes.
  • Increasing capitalism may seem to be the way of the modern society, but it has also led to the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. Companies often tend to remain away from less profitable villages. The costs of small services also increase with increasing market domination.
  • When private entities start encroaching the space in which the government should have been acting, it becomes an excuse for the government to escape all the blame.
    • For example, privatization of public health care won’t only increase the prices but will also further downgrade healthcare in the government’s priorities.
  • Business and Politics should not be mixed as it may narrow down your market focus to which you can sell and expand your market.

Conclusion :-

A healthy co-operation between politics and business will always help the society. The relationship between the Business and Politics is much like the relationship of compromise and mutual understanding.

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