In Favor :-

  • Illiterate people can easily mislead by some politicians, who pay for the vote.
  • Illiterate people have more chances to be mislead by the false promises given by some political leaders.
  • Few illiterate people don’t know about voting, and some don’t go for voting even if they know about it. Hence there are more chances for rigging.

In Against :-

  • India is a democratic country. Everybody should be treated equally. So, Voting Right should be there for illiterates too.
  • Even though they are illiterates, they can distinguish the genuine promises and false ones. After all to understand the fake promises, education isn’t required.
  • Even educated people may be mislead by false promises done by some political leaders.
  • If there is no voting right for illiterates, they may feel as neglected and there are chances of forming anti- govt. groups which are a threat for country.

Conclusion :-

             Voting right should be there for every major as everybody has equal rights. We are all living in one society. So, they can understand what is right and what is good. But some people may be mislead. The best solution for this is to create political awareness in everyone.

Your Turn…

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