Should the Internet be censored?


In Favor:-

  • Even though the internet is giving access to information to all for free, it is increasingly turning into a breeding ground for violent behaviour. Criminals are spreading hate content and impacting innocent youth.
  • Sexually explicit content on the internet is misguiding children and youth. It encourages violence and gender stereotypes.
  • Terrorists are recruiting innocent youth through the internet. Censorship helps in stopping these activities.
  • Cyberbullying is on the rise. It affects not just individuals but families and society.
  • Internet censorship helps in maintaining Cybersecurity.
  • Rapidly increasing piracy need to be curtailed through censorship.
  • Spreading fake news has become common these days. But they are rarely penalized. Blocking the websites that originate fake news, creates fear and acts as a deterrent.
  • Misleading ads such as losing weight, skin brightening are trapping innocents and causing financial loss.
  • Dangerous clips such as sexual abuse on women and children are increasingly uploaded on the internet impacting innocent minds.
  • Human traffickers are using the internet to grow their exploitative business. Censoring the internet impacts them and can reduce human trafficking.
  • The present generation of children are exposed to hate content, adult sites and misleading content. To protect children and adolescents, and to restore moral values, censorship is needed.
  • Some people are defaming their enemies as a revenge tactic. Punishment and censorship will help in solving such kind of problems.


  • Internet censorship violates the right to freedom of speech and expression.
  • Internet censorship will lead to the concentration of power in the hands of the government. It may block access to honest criticism on government, opposition parties’ websites in the name of ‘hate speech. It will lead to dictatorship.
  • At present the Internet has equality. Anyone can write and publish their content easily. With censorship, money power may rule the internet. Rich people can write anything, but the poor may have to go through a lot to not get blocked.
  • Radical changes in society may not spread easily with censorship. Leaders with orthodox beliefs will not accept change and may censor content such as articles on allowing women to places of worship.
  • As everyone has different opinions on what is good and what is bad, every content that is censored can lead to protests.

The situation in India:-

  • In India, pirated content is removed, if the content creator goes to court. These days this option is increasingly utilized.
  • In 2015, 32 websites were banned in India including Daily motion, GitHub, Vimeo as they could host terror content relating to ISIS. But this ban too was lifted later.

The situation in other countries:-

  • Chinese have no access to Google, Facebook, Twitter.


Censoring the Internet will not be accepted by many because of its vulnerability to power politics. But there is a dire need to monitor the content on the internet to trap criminals and to protect society from the evil side of the internet.

Your Turn…

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  1. My opinion is the internet should not be censored because government/rich people will misuse this type of action just like (NSA). They will not allow publishing anything against them this will lead weakening our poor opposition.

  2. According to me Internet is a great boon of our society.Its a part and parcel of our life,even without Internet we can’t think of our life, but everything is the good side and bad side as a human being we have to decide which one we will take. Through Internet we can do any type of work ,we can access our Bank account,pay utility bill, meeting, conference etc. People can save their time don’t need to go to the outlet. But some of the people they use internet in bad purpose. Teenagers waste their time this is not good, everything should limit. In a democratic country everybody has right to express their opinion but should not lure , should not influence in bad purpose , should not Panic so it should be censored

    1. Yes! Something should be done to protect kids and teenagers from the bad side of internet.

      1. many young kids can see inappropriate pictures of people, swear words, and many more bad things on the internet. I think the internet should only censor things that can be harmful to little kids.

        1. That’s a bad idea because then we have an internet that only works for kids. Let’s say they go to adult sites, all they have to do is lie about their age if we were to censor things for kids because it’s not hard for them to get onto such sites. The reason Facebook has/had (I’m not sure how old you have to be now to make one.) Age restriction so stop kids from seeing adult content (opinion, swearing, etc) but now we are kicking ex-president off that platform for expressing their opinion (which may or may not start riots, but if it does it’s not because of the poster, that’s your choice to riot not his to make you. Censorship is just a bad period, it doesn’t help anything, it pushes people into darker parts of the web. If there wasn’t censorship someone could post openly about trafficking, abuse, and hate crimes, then we (not just the FBI) could track these people down. Instead, we force them into parts of the internet that the majority of people don’t know how to use or access making it harder for others to help put an end to the crime.

  3. According to me internet should not be censored. People will upload anything either good or bad to our society but we should take only the good thing. It’s upto us only .

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