Should Chinese products be banned in India?


 In Favor :-

  • Small scale Indian industries are the worst hit by Chinese products. Currently 11 crore Indian’s livelihood is depending on ‘Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ (MSME) sector.
  • Mainly there are 12 types of products produced by MSME sector. Sadly, most of the imports from China are also these 12 types of products.
  • There is a big trade deficit between India and China. In 2015-16 Financial year, India’s imports from China are worth 61 Billion dollars, whereas India’s exports to China are just 9 Billion dollars.
  • Many Indian Toys industries were closed because of the vast imports of cheaper Chinese toys.
  • Many Chinese products such as fire crackers, plastic toys are found to be Health and Environment hazard, because of the use of low quality materials in the making.
  • Chinese industries doesn’t spend much money on innovation, research and development, rather they just manufacture imitation goods whenever new products are innovated in other countries. Indian industries do spend money on research and innovation, hence their products are a bit costlier. So, it is morally incorrect to create a competition between Indian and Chinese goods.
  • Though China is profiting a lot from exporting its goods to India, China is publicly supporting Pakistan and is against India in International summits.

Against :-

  • India cannot put a ban on imports of Chinese products as we are a part of the ‘World Trade Organisation’ (WTO).
  • Chinese products are cheaper. If we ban Chinese products, customers will have no choice and have to buy goods at higher rates.
  • With no competition, Indian goods manufacturers may rise the prices.
  • We are also importing primary goods from China like computer hardware, electronic components etc. These primary goods are used by Indian industries to make final products. If we ban Chinese products, Indian industries have to purchase these components from other countries at higher prices.
  • At present, India has no good alternatives to some of the Chinese products.
  • India earns large sum of money by imposing Anti-dumping duty on specific goods imported from China.
  • If we ban Chinese products, China may ban Indian products. If it happens, It’ll be a blow to Indian industries like TATA motors that have a good market in China.

Facts :-

  • Chinese goods are cheaper mainly because of ‘Large scale production’ and ‘cheap labor’.
  • ‘Obra’ village in Bihar officially imposed ban on Chinese goods.
  • ‘The Confederation of All India Traders’ (CAIT) has claimed that the sale of Chinese goods in the Diwali season, 2016 was down by 60% as a result of the social media campaign urging people to boycott Chinese goods.

Conclusion :- 

We cannot ban the import of Chinese products because of the WTO regulations. We should utilize the opportunity of importing some goods at cheaper rates, and need to protect the interests of Indian manufacturers as well. However safety laws should be more strict. We should totally avoid the import of products that are Health and Environment hazard.

There is a dire need to decrease the trade deficit between India and China. Though we can’t ban import of Chinese goods completely, individuals have a choice to not buy Chinese products and thereby can support Indian industries.

Afterwords :- Do you think Chinese products affect Indian industries? Express your opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. The complete ban is a very big thing in the global scenario.Chinese goods indeed are of low quality but cheap as well. They imitate so perfectly with cheap substitutes and hence sell more. Chinese currency is trying to make its place in top Reserve currencies in the world w.r.t. which how can one imagine the rise of India alone in Asia. Chinese goods can loose its market in India by few measures only that have small aftereffects like increase of safety standards, anti dumping procedures, nation’s positive attitude towards Indian goods and benefits, import substitution. so if we market well our products, we could lead the market. Also a lot many people were not skilled enough but if we work simultaneously on that too, we can reduce our dependence on china.

    1. How can u say that Indian government should ban Chinese items whyvu don’t talk about BPL families and about some poor people they can not afford for some high rated items indian government also wants to ban Chinese items but there is a way for everything if we want to boycott Chinese items then should not use them and try to make aware about the pros and cons of Chinese items so only we can boycott Chinese items these can not be boycotted by government of india because Indian has signed up with them

  2. We can’t ban china product because wto rules and china products are cheap in rate so people have choices. Low income family can’t afford high rates product so they use chinese product.i think government baned that product which are harmful for us.

  3. Yes don’t have buy the chinese products . Because they are making the products that are very cheap in price and in quality. And it is also damaging our economical condition . Because of china only our India is not developing .

    1. Good point! But because of WTO, India is able to export goods and products to many countries. So, leaving WTO may not be a good option for us.

    2. Free trade is the essence WTO made of and if we leave WTO that would come at a cost of import and export discrimination of different sorts.In this highly globalized era, we should not isolate from the world mostly in terms of trade.

  4. Buying chinese goods will worsen Indian economy and benefits Chinese economy. Industries in China will be improved and thus creating more jobs, hence making Chinese economy stronger.

  5. yes i think china products should banned because their products are made of very cheap material which not good for us we should not buy full product we should buy raw material at cheap rate and we should make product by ourself by this raw material with several changes

  6. I don’t think so we should boycott Chinese goods because if we will do this it’s worst effect will be on our economy which is dependent on import and exports. India didn’t gave large amount of industries to meet the demand of million people so if the production is less ultimately the price will increase , we will be bound to purchase the goods of higher price. The poor people will face more problem of pauperism and even they don’t know the balloons which they are selling is also chinese product.

  7. Yes we bound by WTO but china not bound to obey International Court Decision on china sea. Because we are at Indian respect of International Law, Humanity, Respect to others right, Dedication to our duty, But china pakistan and many country not same.

    You are right that our many industries depend on chinees raw materials, first we people should self control and avoid the chinees product like- Mobile, Electronics, toys, bcycles and many unusable items. And Industry should try to make domestic alternative of chinees to full fill their industry requirement. We should import product manufacturing machinery from china not complete product, because their machinery is developed and with new technology. We should always try to full fill our need from our country. Contribution of every citizen of India is Highly important to implement for this and make results for this.

    1. Is there no other country manufacturing machinery ? Why India not make machinery. Give good wages and you will find many talented Indians who would like to do something for motherland provided they are not harassed for donations to their superiors. There are still many Honest Indians in India.

  8. Yes..As my opinion ,we should ban imports of products from china which affects our Indian manufacturers.china products are less expensive,but not adhered to the regulations of trade we got more technological advancement,so can able to manufacture products which we imports from will help our economic and also give boost to MAKE IN INDIA initiative.

  9. As China protects Aatanki Pakistan, as Indian citizen we must voluntarily stop purchase cheap and untrustworthy chines product so those things will be produced in India, Employment and economy both will grow. We will get good quality product as user. As a result china will have to request us for settlement…. China will have to give back us our regions including Mansarovar. SO IT IS OUR MONEY THAT GIVEN TO PAKISTAN via CHINA and make china stronger… We can easily control China economically, geographically, culturally and spiritually. ….

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