Before we get into the topic, first let us see who are politicians?

  • Politicians are basically leaders who campaign for a political party and contest elections if nominated by the party. If they win the elections, they become Members of Parliament (M.P.) or Members of Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.) and then participate in governmental activities.
  • As we know now that politicians are basically leaders, so to be a good politician one has to be a good leader.
  • If a celebrity fulfils the requirement of an efficient leader and enter politics, chances are very high that he/she will turnout to be a good politician, depending upon the party members, cooperation from the senior party members etc.
  • Many a times due to a celebrity’s individual fan following he/she may be able to secure the votes and win the election for the first time. But in case he/she isn’t able to live up to people’s expectations he is likely to lose the next time. For example, Donald Trump after being elected he is facing so much criticism, and many opine that he is the most terrible President of the USA.
  • It also happens that the public may admire a celebrity for his/her works but is not ready to accept him as a politician yet. In that case he/she has to prove their worth. Once they earn the trust of the citizens as politicians, they are voted to power.

Conclusion :-

Becoming a politician is not a big deal, one has to just join a party. And if one is a celebrity already joining a party and moving up the ladder becomes very easy. But, if a celebrity has traits of a good leader then only he/she may end up being a good politician.

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  • Pratham chaudhary, Aug 3, 2022 @ 7:20 am Reply

    No matter the man is celebrity or not if he or she is possessing the quality of making right decisions for the upliftment of the society then he or she can be a good leader or work as a good politician it also can not be neglected that they are specified in one field but this can’t not define ones thought process. Thank u

  • Pihu, Apr 14, 2021 @ 3:21 am Reply

    My opinion is celebrity shouldn’t be a politician. Celebrity could be a good actor but not the good politician, to be a good politician they should have a good experience and good ideas for our citizens. According to me they can’t be a good leader in this field.

  • kantharupan, Nov 21, 2019 @ 3:10 pm Reply

    good opinion is celebrity was well known in specific field.then he/she become a politician for a particular country.before,he/she know about the depth of the politics in the country.current suitation and what changes and transformation will lead to develop the country and the citizens of particular country.celebrity is not a problem.those who have responsibility and good thoughts they will definitely become a leader.thank u.

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