Background :-

  • Many colleges of India made 75% attendance per subject in every semester compulsory for students as a criteria for eligibility to appear for exams.
  • The decision was also backed by Bombay High Court in 2002 in a case, where 46 students were not allowed to appear for exams due to poor attendance.

In Favor :-

  • Good attendance is needed to develop a strong sense of community in a classroom and to encourage a healthy sense of class participation.
  • Students learn self-discipline due to mandatory attendance, which will help them in their professional as well as personal life.
  • Compulsory attendance will improve overall performance of the students, and will guarantee their satisfactory results and will also encourage socialization.
  • Getting education is a not cheap endeavor, so it’s a waste of money to skip classes and not learning the things that they can.
  • Enforcing mandatory attendance could actually be treating students as adults. Once students get a job, they would be allowed only a certain amount of vacations and absences. So, this is the way to prepare students for ‘real world’ and reinforce the sense of responsibility.
  • To make sure they get to class while meeting all their other obligations, students will have to perfect time management skills.
  • In the process of learning how to balance all their responsibilities, students could become better at multi-tasking as well.
  • Many colleges excuse absences when students attend and participate in academic events, go on educational tours or similar. This way students could still be able to do extra-curricular activities.

Against :-

  • As college students and as adults, students should have the right to prioritize their time based on their needs.
  • Attending classes should be a choice, not an obligation.
  • If Students are mature enough to elect the country’s government, surely they can decide what lectures to attend and what lectures to bunk.
  • Relaxation on attendance front would give students opportunity to attend workshops, internships, and extracurricular activities. This would give chance to develop their life skills.
  • Students enjoys lectures by capable teachers but some teachers themselves doesn’t understand the subject and gives the same examples that are given in books. They doesn’t offer anything new to learn. This is unfair to make them sit through hours of mind-numbing monotones while they could be more productive.
  • Making attendance compulsory could be taken as refusal to recognize students as intelligent adults capable of making their own decisions.
  • Universities should have some regulation, but student should be primarily responsible for their own education and attendance policies must reflect the same.
  • Though some students appear to fake the reasons to have excuse from class, most of them have genuine reasons. Many students are earning with learning to sustain their studies expenses. Some are learning while fighting with deadly and rare diseases.
  • Students understand the value of the education and knowledge, and they should be trusted over it.
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Conclusion :-

Every coin has two sides. While implementing strict rules regarding attendance could be a way to ensure that students attend the classes and are being evaluated on a regular basis, this could also become troublesome for students. Some students, who have major responsibilities along with education faces most inconvenience.

So implementation of attendance should have relaxations within it for such situations where students are unable to attend the classes regularly due to genuine reasons. Students should have the right to choose which lecture they want to attend and which is not. So, need of an hour is to achieve a balance between the two.

Afterwords :- Do you agree with the present attendance policies? What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below.

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  • P. Kolandasamy, KMGIPSR,, Puducherry, Jul 1, 2021 @ 6:40 am Reply

    Yes, class attendance is mandatory. But relaxation is admitted for genuine reasons, such as medical & family reasons. Please consider the age factor of the students, they are adolescents and they like to roam. Adolescence, transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. They always may not like the classroom, but it can not be avoided. Teachers not only introduce the subject, many more. Parents/friends may discuss with their wards in this connection to make them understand the benefits of classroom teaching.

  • Alice, Apr 10, 2021 @ 7:09 pm Reply

    As a college student, I don’t want to attend every class.

  • N/A, Mar 8, 2021 @ 3:58 pm Reply

    Well, that’s on the students. Why should students be treated like toddlers? These aren’t little kids they’re in their twenties. If they can go to jail for small crime, why should they require even more petty rules about needing to attend class if they need the day off?
    Grown adults call out of work when they need to.
    But like I say, school is prison. More than half the stuff kids are required to learn in school is useless in real life.

    Treating post-pubescent students like toddlers makes disgruntled stunted adults.
    You’re gonna soon advocate that adulthood start at 35.

  • venkatesh, Feb 4, 2020 @ 11:26 am Reply


  • Tinku paul, Mar 28, 2018 @ 7:13 am Reply

    According to me attendance should be made compulsory for students. Students when take their admission into the college they get freedom from their parents ,they think they are getting grown up and that time what they want to do they do ,but they cannot understand they are doing right or wrong. Unnecessarily they bunk their class , like to go to chat with their friends or go to picture or shopping mall for visiting, even parents they don’t understand they are leaving at 10 a.m. and returning by 5 p.m but they didn’t go to college. In this way they are getting absent minded , they neglect their study ,they are busy with their smartphone. Parents they spend their hard money for their study but get in vain. At the time of examination students go for agitation because they don’t have attendance as well as they are not prepared for examination as a result they want to postpone. Rather they attend their class regularly they will be disciplined, time management and overall performance will be improved as well as parents will be happy.

    • Priyakhi Handique, Mar 7, 2021 @ 9:42 am Reply

      Yaah that’s true

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