Yes :-

  • News channels sensationalize everything. If any crime happens, news channels will send their reporters and do their own investigation on TVs. This misleads public and causes trouble for police and those who are involved in the incident.
  • If anyone accuses any celebrity, the news will be breaking news for days on news channels. This is an infringement of personal rights. News channels are ignoring the basic thing that the allegations are not proved yet.
  • Reporters often try to make victims speak on the incident. Even in the cases of death, reporters rush to the incident and ask questions the victim’s family, when they really need some space and time to grieve.
  • News channels create hype over petty issues, and creates panic among public.
  • Some news channels management intentionally create rumors just to get views for their channel.

No :-

  • News channels help in maintaining transparency of governance, and provides plenty of information to public. In the process, they try to grab the attention of public for the news that have importance. So, breaking news are a part and parcel of news channels to keep public informed about the important happenings of society.
  • As news channels try to do their own investigation, police will be careful to do their duties well and they cannot protect the criminal.

Conclusion :-

As the number of news channels are growing, there is a huge competition among them. As a result, news channel owners are crossing their limits to increase views. Though, news channels are keeping people aware of the happenings in society, there is a line for everything. News channels should follow ethics while doing their work.

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