Is India prepared enough to handle cyber attacks?


Yes :-

  • National Technical Research organization (NRTO), which was formed in 2004, provides technical intelligence to internal and external security.
  • Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT)-India notifies concerned regarding cyber attacks, analyses the vulnerability.
  • National Cyber Security Policy, 2013 aims at protecting the public and private infrastructure from cyber attacks.
  • India is working with US on cyber security.

No :-

  • India has approx 10,000 cyber soldiers, whereas our neighboring country China prepared 10 lakh cyber security experts.
  • In October 2016, Indian banks suffered data security breaches. It was one of the biggest cyber attacks on India. India couldn’t stop it from happening.
  • Still some Indians are responding to fake calls about credit cards and bank account details. This shows us that there is lack of cyber security awareness among people.
  • We are importing lots of electronic devices from China, which are susceptible to malware and viruses.
  • There is little control over the hardware used by Indian Internet users.
  • India still has no proper system to to assess the nature of cyber threats and respond to them effectively.

What needs to be done :-

  • There must be a rule that banks and other financial institutions should be equipped with cyber security experts.
  • Awareness about cyber security should be given to all.

Facts :-

  • In 2015, USA couldn’t stop the theft of 2 crore 57 lakh account details from government records.
  • Cyber attacks are from mainly Russia, China, Romania, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Vietnam & Nigeria.
  • According to Akamai Technologies, India is among the top targets for web application attacks.
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Conclusion :-

Though India is taking steps towards strengthening cyber security, India needs to invest more in cyber security on a war-footing. As we are working on digital India, we should work more on cyber safety. Government, private institutions along with educational institutions must work together to strengthen cyber security of our country.

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  1. Indian govt should appointed their official those spread awareness about cyber security . Indian banks also spread general awareness about bank details and credit cards and give them instruction that “how you can save their account and bank details

  2. ya, that’s true that india is lacking in cyber security but our gov. is also funding & taking action to prepare for cyber attacks. of course when we have a dream of cashless & digital India we have to consider the other side to which is security from cyber attacks.

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