Pros of Digital revolution :-

  • Digital revolution changed the means of communication. Instant communication and social networks are possible due to digital revolution.
  • Everyone has access to information on almost anything. Digital revolution is the main cause of the emergence of knowledge economy.
  • Smartphones and other gadgets made our lives easier.
  • Globalization is at a faster pace.
  • By using technology in health sector, now treatments became more efficient and easier.
  • Digital revolution improved the productivity of businesses. Moreover, with the help of data analytics and instant feedback, companies have more opportunities to improve their businesses.
  • Digital revolution is paving way towards transparency in governance.
  • Many jobs were created in the newly emerged fields.

Cons of Digital revolution :-

  • Digital revolution is making a lot of jobs redundant. Majority of these jobs are unskilled and semi-skilled. Whereas newly created jobs demand skilled professionals. This is causing severe income inequalities.
  • Digital revolution resulted in information overload.
  • Attention spans are decreasing.
  • Now we have more threats such as cyber frauds, cyber bullying, trolls, fake news etc.
  • Everyone’s privacy is at stake. Even governments are stalking their people by mass surveillance.
  • Children and adolescents are more vulnerable than before due to internet predators, radicalization by terrorists etc.
  • Many people are preferring virtual world over face-to-face interactions.
  • Digital revolution is helping in the manufacture of destruction equipment. Now we have more dangers because even a drone can be used as a weapon.
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