Digital Revolution – Pros & Cons

digital revolution

Pros of Digital revolution :-

  • Digital revolution changed the means of communication. Instant communication and social networks are possible due to digital revolution.
  • Everyone has access to information on almost anything. Digital revolution is the main cause of the emergence of knowledge economy.
  • Smartphones and other gadgets made our lives easier.
  • Globalization is at a faster pace.
  • By using technology in health sector, now treatments became more efficient and easier.
  • Digital revolution improved the productivity of businesses. Moreover, with the help of data analytics and instant feedback, companies have more opportunities to improve their businesses.
  • Digital revolution is paving way towards transparency in governance.
  • Many jobs were created in the newly emerged fields.

Cons of Digital revolution :-

  • Digital revolution is making a lot of jobs redundant. Majority of these jobs are unskilled and semi-skilled. Whereas newly created jobs demand skilled professionals. This is causing severe income inequalities.
  • Digital revolution resulted in information overload.
  • Attention spans are decreasing.
  • Now we have more threats such as cyber frauds, cyber bullying, trolls, fake news etc.
  • Everyone’s privacy is at stake. Even governments are stalking their people by mass surveillance.
  • Children and adolescents are more vulnerable than before due to internet predators, radicalization by terrorists etc.
  • Many people are preferring virtual world over face-to-face interactions.
  • Digital revolution is helping in the manufacture of destruction equipment. Now we have more dangers because even a drone can be used as a weapon.

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  1. It benefits for those who understands about digital life but those who uneducated about it due to this our generation rapidly changing on their way and in my opinion that government should focus on rural makes their life easier

  2. Technology may be boon or ban.Its all in our hands.What to use and What not to use.There should be limit for usage.According to my view technology made me some more knowledgeable person than before.

  3. according to me the best thing about digitalization is that that we can join group discussion ideas?

  4. According to me Digital revolution is good ,our life is getting very easier but those are uneducated people they have been suffering, they don’t know how to take the facility.It requires awareness and education.Childrens are getting vulnerable, cyber crime has been increased.Govt has to set up strong team they will combat cyber crime otherwise innocent people will be victimised . Many peoples are getting jobless especially those are unskilled but those are skilled professionals they have more opportunities.So Govt has to take care of the rural areas people for their education .As long as everyone will not be able to take the facility it will not make it successful fully.

    1. True! Indian govt. is providing digital literacy programs under ‘Digital India’, but they are not reaching everyone.

  5. digital revolution….

    digital world assisting mankind from morning to night.almost every purpose we are accessing digital information in terms of web browsing ,social networks and many more words its a great achievement of
    modern science and technology to make our life simpler and stronger.

  6. Digital advancement has been a good venture & a boon to mankind. We should use it optimistically with proper care & security. Cyber crime to be tackled strongly.

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