• At the COP-28 (Conference of Parties) climate summit in December 2023, India launched the Green Credits Initiative.
  • The Green Credits program was launched domestically in October 2023. This program comes under the Lifestyle for Environment Movement (LIFE).

What is the Green Credits Initiative:

  • Green credits will be given for specific environmentally positive activities such as conserving water, planting trees, reducing air pollution, and following sustainable agriculture practices. These credits are tradable, which means these credits can be sold in marketplaces.


  • Till now, several schemes and initiatives encouraged companies to reduce carbon emissions and adopt eco-friendly practices. But unless common people take action, it is very difficult to slow down climate change. With the help of the Green Credit Initiative, governments can encourage common people to restore our planet.
  • This has the potential to reduce carbon emissions and will help the countries to achieve net zero target.


Green Credits Initiative is a promising scheme to reward environmentally positive actions. It can also motivate people to adopt more sustainable lifestyle choices. Hence this scheme can help in restoring the planet.

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