Background :-

  • Indian premier league, popularly known as ‘IPL’ is the professional twenty-20 cricket league which is played every year in India. It was started in 2008.
  • It was founded by Lalit Modi, member of BCCI( Board of Control for Cricket in India), scheduled over April and may of every year to curtail ICL (Indian Cricket League), which was not recognized by BCCI.
  • IPL is the most attended cricket league of the world and ranked sixth among all the sports leagues, which shows the huge success of the league.
  • In recent years, it has been accused of being involved in illegal means like match fixing whereas on the other side it is also praised for giving opportunities to regional players.

In Favor :-

  • IPL served as a brilliant platform for amateurs to learn skills from the experienced international players,which has improved the playing standards of these players dramatically.
  • It gives opportunity to regional players to catapult themselves to the big matches, big crowds and ambitious higher professionalism,allowing them to know what it is like to play internationally.
  • IPL rules have made it necessary for all teams to have at least six Indian players in the final eleven. This has given a massive boost to domestic players.
  • Selectors have a ready pool of skilled players in every department who can play international matches. This helps in easy replacement in case of injuries.
  • Whole new generation of cricketers is coming forward with confidence and intelligence, which helps India to introduce new talent in the team from time to time.
  • IPL also gives great amount of money to BCCI which is used for empowerment of junior level cricket as well as women cricket. It has also helped in supporting former players of several sports.
  • It gives India a home grown entertainment league like the ones in England and America.
  • Because of less time consuming format and combination of players from different countries, it has been watched on a large scale, a great source of entertainment for cricket lovers.
  • IPL has also paid the players well so that the domestic players who often work sideways to achieve their requirements can now concentrate more on the cricket.
  • Due to IPL, quality of the stadiums in the country has also improved as the matches need a well maintained stadium.
  • It has also helped in increasing the tourism, people from other countries coming to watch the matches.
  • It has reduced the gap between the players from different countries and improved their relations.
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Loopholes :-

  • IPL nowadays has become a game of gambling, thousands of people gambling illegally on the match output.
  • IPL has also been indulged in the controversies like match fixing and spot fixing issues due to which its moral side is getting thinner.
  • IPL has also caused many players to have a hectic schedule which has affected their performances in the international cricket.
  • Involvement of team managers and some of the players in match fixing upto the level where SC has placed a ban on the teams and players is disappointing.
  • IPL has become more of the business than improving the quality of cricket and source of enjoyment.
  • Due to the unfair means IPL has said to be entered, it not only disappoints the viewers but also loses them. It also shakes the faith of the viewers in the game and have a bad effect on reputation of cricket.

Conclusion :-

    IPL has given India many star players and has witnessed emerging young talent. It also helps in improving economy. Despite its positive impact of giving youngsters a chance to show their caliber, it has become more of money making business. Moreover BCCI chairman has himself been involved in the shadowy activities. This raises a serious doubt on the fairness of the game. Due to these malpractices, IPL may lose it’s charm over the people with time. Strict actions and decisions must be taken from time to time to prevent unfair practices. And players must be encouraged to not to indulge in any of such practices. This will help IPL to get rid of its bad image and sustain for many years to come.

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This article is written by Vaishali Chaudhari. All rights reserved @ Group Discussion Ideas.

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