Fame is a double-edged sword

fame is a double edged sword


  • Some people work hard to become famous and some others get fame even if they do not want it due to working in certain fields. Often, fame is the byproduct of success. These days, there are many more opportunities such as social media apps to earn fame. But fame is a double-edged sword. That means it has both positive and negative consequences.

The positive consequences of fame:

  • Fame will fetch more opportunities to earn and to market themselves in their field.
  • The increasing fan following can help in improving confidence.
  • Fame can be used to become influencers & thereby can promote what they believe in. For example, they can promote body positivity, gender equality etc.

The negative consequences of fame:

  • It’s difficult for celebrities to keep their personal lives secret. Celebrities have to cope up with paparazzi on a daily basis. They can’t go to places where common people go and may have to spend more to stay in luxury places to maintain privacy.
  • No matter what they do, there will almost always be criticism. There will be some expectations on them that they should behave in a certain way. Many have to cope up with social media trolls and criticism. Even their words can be twisted and someone can make a controversy out of it.
  • If fame starts to fade, it may lead to depression in some people.
  • Some famous people do not any real friends and suffer from isolation.


Some people earn more money with the fame they got and some others suffer from the negative consequences of fame. A few people handle fame well by utilizing it to their advantage without falling into its trap.

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