Theme :-

  • Trump’s government proposed ‘Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act‘ (RAISE Act) with an aim to allow only the people with top-notch qualifications and to protect Americans’ jobs.
  • If RAISE Act is implemented, Green cards will be granted based on a points system. Points will be allotted based on English language skills, higher education, age, high salary etc.

In Favor :-

  • Till now, Green card is given based on seniority and lottery system. Because of this, many people are still waiting for Green card, even though they are living in USA for more than a decade. If RAISE Act comes into effect, many NRIs will be at an advantage because most of the NRIs are in highly qualified jobs.
  • India is the 2nd largest English-speaking nation in the world. Hence Indians score higher points in English language skills.
  • 60k to 70k students are going to USA every year to pursue higher education. New bill is giving more points to the students that did post graduation in US colleges. Hence this gives a slight edge to Indian students.
  • At present, companies in USA are giving low salaries to employees from other countries with the promise of recommending them for Green Cards. This exploitation by companies will end with RAISE Act.

Against :-

  • RAISE Act proposed that Green Card applicants should earn at least 150% of the median household income of the US. Many Indians living in USA are not earning that much.

What is Green Card :-

  • It is a permit issued by USA that allows people to live and work in USA permanently.
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Conclusion :-

The proposed points based system will be a lot beneficial to merit. Those who are highly qualified will not have to worry. But RAISE Act will be a disadvantage to those who are doing basic jobs in USA such as entry level programmers etc.

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