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  • Many reformists throughout the world have taken the path of writing to eradicate social evils and thereby tried to steer the world into the right path. Written word lasts for centuries and influences many generations. Violence and war, on the other hand, causes loss of lives and hence may not gain supporters. Many people prefer to stay on the side of those who resolve issues through writing and verbal communication rather than those who always choose violence.
  • Print media and now electronic media is the most effective tool to influence public opinion on people and issues. The pen can also overthrow governments by letting the public know the truth, which cannot be done using violence.
  • Nowadays, paid posts and comment trolls have become common things to influence minds and to instil fear in people that question government.
  • Actions speak louder than words. Violence can scare people more than the word does because it contains immediate threat than written threats.
  • Many countries in the world have their own army because nothing but weapons can protect them in case of invasion attempts.
  • The pen doesn’t always work because of the restrictions and threats to journalists in some parts of the world. In those cases, the sword may be needed to fight against oppression.


Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword, and sometimes the sword is needed to solve the problem, So, it completely depends on the situation. However, in modern times, where many countries are under democracy, many times pen is an effective tool than the sword.

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