Challenges in IT industry :-

  • Retention of employees is one of the biggest challenges for IT industry. Generally software companies hire people, train them but only to witness their resignation once they are enough experienced in the job. It takes investment for any company to integrate employees in the work flow.
  • There is a huge gap in the skills the work demand and the skills job applicants have. Our education system still needs to be revamped. And that affects the industries that seeks highly skilled employees. Unemployment is high in our country, but the fact is that many companies are not able to find talent to fill the positions.
  • As IT industry takes care of the technical related things of all the other countries, maintaining cyber security is one of the most important things for it. A small loophole can do a lot of damage. We are witnessing several cyber attacks these days. Cyber security is one of the biggest challenge for any industry in the present times.
  • Introduction of new technologies & the constantly changing technologies force IT industry to upgrade their technology stack, which is a challenge for any IT industry. And it’s also an opportunity.
  • Integrating the new technologies is a must for IT companies to survive in the industry, but that also comes with new issues to solve.
  • As the technologies are constantly evolving, retraining of the employees at a regular intervals is a must for any IT company.
  • Artificial intelligence is making many tech jobs redundant. In the recent times, many companies are laying off some of their employees. This is a challenge for the IT industry as well as the opportunity, because AI is creating newer kinds of jobs.
  • Data protection and data privacy is one of the biggest challenges for the IT industry. After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica incident and the implementation of ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) in Europe, Every country is now taking steps towards data privacy which is a good thing but a big challenge for IT industry.
  • Economic slowdown of the developed countries is another challenge for the IT companies.
  • Tech industry has a huge gender gap. And the worse thing is that it also has gender pay gap. IT industry is facing so much criticism about this. So, it’s a big challenge for the IT companies to fix this.
  • Growing nationalism is a threat for IT industry. Hike in US work visa fee and the Brexit is affecting the profits of IT sector.
  • Revenue sources of traditional IT services are shrinking. For example, a few years before companies used to get paid for making basic websites. But now there are so many free tools available online to do it for free.
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Conclusion :-

Challenges fuel the growth. The more challenges any industry face, the more scope it has to improve. Companies which adopt quickly to tech changes will sustain in the IT industry for a long time.

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  • Deshmukh Chetan, Feb 16, 2019 @ 5:47 pm Reply

    IT companies have a system called BOND for the sake of employees, so that they do not leave the company for a particular period but they don`t follow it, if in this case the company starts to cut the 1/4th or some amount from salary of employee and return it when his bond is over then just because of fear of loosing wealth they wont leave the company. And secondly any company which is new in market has to take a big risk of staying in market they need to fulfill the basic requirements as the pick and drop, canteen and all, so the employees are attracted to the company and won`t think of leaving the jobs.

  • Pankaj, Feb 12, 2019 @ 6:42 pm Reply

    Other point than those of mentioned above is that the IT companies are facing theft of their innovation, many a times in country like India where getting patent rights is not so easy, the innovation could not retain its secrecy due to long formalities and the research is available to others without getting real hard work by means of theft

    • Team GD Ideas, Feb 14, 2019 @ 3:31 pm Reply

      That’s a good point Pankaj.

  • Tinku Paul, Feb 12, 2019 @ 6:55 am Reply

    According to me in IT industry there are several problems in the long run, those have adequate infrastructure they can manage but small business man it’s very difficult to long run ,we see they set up business after few years they have to stop the business because of people join the IT industry and when they gather the experience they want to leave the company to get better remuneration and other benefits, in this case they have to recruit other employees so these are the usual investment . Secondly IT industry always have to update to stay in the market for a long run. Those are not able it is very difficult to continue it. people gives the AMC to the IT people from where company gets the money but nowadays many people follow YouTube they can solve the problem so they dont need to go IT people

    • Team GD Ideas, Feb 14, 2019 @ 3:30 pm Reply

      True that!

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